Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My new standing frame...

I just got back from a cruise around the wharf and that always cheers me up. People are so funny... they think that pelicans are so cute, and they are adorable, and they want to go up and stand next to them and have their picture taken. The lady that did that today will probably never do that again, I think the pelican fit her whole head in his mouth and I could not help but laugh thank goodness looking around I was not the only one laughing and I think she was the only one NOT laughing. I cannot believe that it is finally Halloween, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I am so glad that I have Teresa to help me decorate because she is so creative. Melissa has already been here and painted my windows, they look AWESOME. It’s kind of sad because after October is Thanksgiving and then Christmas and then there really isn’t anything else until Easter and then I have to wait until October again. I guess there is new years and Fourth of July. I’m finally going to get my standing frame. Here I have been saving up for it and come to find out that Medicare is going to pay for 80% of it, if I had known that I would have got it a long time ago. On my first appointment I didn’t get to stand very long, in fact I only got about halfway up, because they brought the wrong standing frame. I have to go at least two more times so they can make sure just one person can stand me up, it will be a lot easier because of my ceiling lift. They also attach a blood pressure cuff to your arm and check it every couple of minutes to make sure your blood pressure doesn’t drop dramatically. I can’t wait to stand in my standing frame and play my Wii game, I’m hoping that will make the time go by faster and I really haven’t been able to play it very much.

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a corgi said...

I love your Halloween decorations, Tammie! the painted windows did come out sooo cute!!

I'm glad you'll be able to get your standing frame; I hear wonderful things about Wii and all the games they have available for it

I can see why they would monitor your blood pressure when in the standing frame in case it dropped suddenly and made a person too dizzy

too cute about the pelican and the lady; its like the people who go to Yellowstone and forget the animals there are really wild ones and end up getting hurt by the buffalo