Sunday, September 20, 2009

Santa Cruz County fair and the Wool Growers Restaurant...

On Friday I went to the Santa Cruz County fair with Teresa and her husband, they are separated but get along very well... she calls him her wasband. We got to see most of the exhibitions but mostly we went in there for the fair food and to see blue oyster cult and we were NOT disappointed, they really put on an awesome show. I was at the Boardwalk last year when they played that I was with some friends and we strolled around instead of watching the concert, it’s almost just as enjoying to watch the people that attend the concert. I can’t believe I lived in Los Banos for several years and NEVER went to the Wool Growers family-style restaurant. My uncle and aunt go there a couple times a year and beat a group of people, last night there was 11 of us. Some of them day in a motel close by and others just drive to meet for dinner. It is a family restaurant and nobody goes away hungry. First they bring you a bottle of red wine and some French bread and butter. They bring you some homemade vegetable soup and beans and a lot of us mixed them together with some wine. Next they bring you a tossed salad and potato salad followed by some lamb stew, everything tasted really good. Then they bring you your entr√©√© with some homemade french fries, you get your choice of a New York steak, prime rib, pork chops or chicken. I choose the prime rib and it was AWESOME. I was wondering why they had a bottle of chocolate syrup on each table and then for dessert they brought out one of those little tubs of ice cream then I remember getting in school, with the paper lid that you pull off. Everyone sits at these big long tables but there are a couple of smaller tables around the outside if you prefer to sit alone. Everyone was laughing and having a really good time.

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a corgi said...

that restaurant sounds really neat; I like the menu they serve; I agree, I don't think a person would leave that table hungry

I like Teresa's term for her separated husband "wasband" I hadn't heard that before

take care Tammie