Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm finally going to get my service dog...

The last couple of days I just decided to just get out and cruise around. For some reason it’s usually hard for me to make myself get out and go somewhere unless I have a destination, no more of that. I just start rolling and see where I end up. Today I went down to the wharf, cruised around the boardwalk. They had fences up blocking off part of the boardwalk and I learned later from Heather that they are redoing the haunted house. I cruised around by the trails behind the boardwalk and ended up downtown so I cruised over to the nursery to look at waterfalls. Last weekend I bought a birdbath and I saw a waterfall that would look perfect in my yard. It wasn’t there so I’m just hoping that they moved it and didn’t sell it, if they sold it I guess it just wasn’t meant to be mine.

Yesterday I cruised over to Ross, I LOVE Ross. I’m definitely going to have to go back there when Teresa is with me because they have some really cool Halloween decorations... I’m so excited that it is almost that time.

Last week I got a call from Margaret who owns the Golden fleece, she is making a couple of... how do I describe them. They are basically turtleneck sweater’s but they are no longer in the middle of my stomach, perfect for putting on and taking off while I am in the chair. The one that she made is a variegated blue and green made out of baby alpaca, it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and very warm. She’s going to make me another one out of the baby alpaca and then make me a couple more that are going to be able to be washed more often. I was really nervous to get anything made out of alpaca and then Teresa told me that they just shaved them and not kill them so I felt a lot better.

The final concert on the beach was AWESOME. I made sure that I went there plenty early that I would get a good seat and I did. The rice lady is still trying to take up a lot of space but I think that she thinks she is more sly about it, she just throws down random stuff around her. As long as I have enough space to park my chair and I can see the stage I am happy.

I finally got the call... I’m going up to Santa Rosa in November for a two week stay at the CCI, Canine Companions for Independence, and I’m going to come back with my new canine companion and I am so excited. Teresa is going to go up there the second week and stay at the dorm with me so I just need to find someone to stay with me for the first week or find a caregiving agency in that area.

A new caregiver started work last week, her name is Tami. She is a registered nurse who was recommended by my massage therapist Susan and it seems like she’s going to work out really good, she had training for two days and she starts solo on Sunday. She worked for a quadriplegic gentleman for 3 1/2 years but they had to put him into a care facility.


a corgi said...

so glad you will be getting a new service dog, Tammie!

glad you enjoyed the last concert and are trying to get out more to do things; I find myself sometimes sticking at home more when I should go out and explore; good for you for doing so :)


ocmist said...

Hurray on the new service dog! Do you know what breed it is yet? My dogs have learned to do so many things to help me so that I don't have to strain my problem back and hip. They are such good companions, too!

I'm glad that you are getting out because I'm sure that you feel better afterwards.

We have new puppies here at Corgi Country, and if you'd like to see them, you can come visit anytime!

Linda (OC's Mom)