Thursday, September 17, 2009

Falling down...

Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to name the dog and I’ve already decided that if the dog has a silly name I WILL rename him. Most of the dogs at the CCI center are labs and retrievers, some shepherds... all very smart breeds.

Last night my brother, Robert, David and Corrine came down to pick up Roberts new car. Our neighbor was selling an original 1990 Mazda Miata so we snagged it up. After some maintenance and new tires we were told that it would last him a long time and be a great little car for him. I ended up getting a late but Corrine and I got to go to the kids festival and the Greek Festival for a little while. After they left I cruise down to the wharf and came home and heather cooked me a really great dinner, it was a great day.

Sunday I decided to cruise down to the wharf and check out my favorites, the pelicans and the sea lions... their faces are so cute, they remind me of puppies. Then I cruised over to the boardwalk, I am really surprised at how crowded it is on a day where there is no sun and a little wind. I went downtown to see if there was a lot of people at the Greek Festival and there was. There was a lot of Greek food and a lot of jewelry but not really too much of anything else. They also blocked off a couple streets for a bunch of antique stuff, everything looked pretty cool and of course I forgot my wallet again.

People are so funny when it comes to pelicans. I see them inching a little closer, a little closer until the pelican gets annoyed and tries to fit their head in his mouth or tries to bite off their here and then they look surprised.

My biggest fear finally happened, I was going for a cruise down past the lighthouse and I wasn’t watching where I was going and I drove up into the ice plant and tipped over my chair. A couple of guys came running over to see if I was okay and to see if I needed an ambulance, I told them I was okay just a little humiliated and they up righted me and made sure that I was okay and I headed back home. Of course when the shock of everything happens you can’t feel anything but now my head and my neck are really sore. I don’t know if there was any damage to my chair or my arm yet but it was pretty humiliating. It seems like it happened so fast but at the time I remember my uncle telling me that if you ever tip over in your chair remember to hold your arms in, I did and it probably saved me from a broken arm... thank you uncle Dick.

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a corgi said...

ouch with your fall, Tammie; glad people were around to help you; I can understand how humiliating that might have felt; I hope your head/neck feel better soon.

that Greek festival sounded like fun, especialy the food part

I agree with you; if your new dog has a silly name, I would definitely rename him/her