Sunday, October 18, 2009

Monarch butterflies...

Why do creatures make some people act really weird? I got a bunch of praying mantis cocoons and put them around my garden and checked every day and I’m just now finally starting to see them, they are so cute but they freak me out. I opened my door the other day to go outside and one was right on the corner of the railing just staring at me, his little head following my every movement. I scooted by him as quickly as I could and did the same on the way back in. The next time I opened my door to go for a cruise on the wharf he was on the ground in front of my door so I closed the door and came back inside. I opened the door a little while later and this time he was on the door and before I could shut it he crawled to the top and just sat there. I decided to go ahead and go for a cruise but leave the door open so he would not get crushed. He was there for a long time and even when it started getting cold I could not close the door because I didn’t want him to get hurt. I really love watching them but always from a distance, I’m afraid that they’re going to jump on me and although I’m not sure what would happen but I try to avoid it. Stanley and Corrine came down Friday to visit for the weekend. On Saturday we went to the Spirit store, I LOVE that place. I got a bunch of little furry mice and some spiders to put in the web on the porch and Corinne got a Victorian Princess costume, he looked really cute in it. After that we decided to go down to natural Bridges Beach and check out the monarch butterflies, they are passing through Santa Cruz. I have gone down to the beach a couple of times but never down to the trails, it was so beautiful and I will definitely be back. Tomorrow I go back to the wound care clinic in Watsonville AGAIN, is this thing ever going to heal?? It seems like everything takes for ever. On Tuesday we are going to finally finish decorating for Halloween outside, we had to hold off because of the big storm but the weather is nice and again except for the very high humidity. On Wednesday I’m going to the catalyst club downtown to see UFO in concert, I can’t remember offhand what they sing but I looked them up and they did recognize a couple of their songs. Saturday is the big Williams Halloween party, they have one every year and although this is only my second everybody always has a really good time and they always make everybody feel so comfortable.

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a corgi said...

how cute with the praying mantis, Tammie; they are interesting to watch; we've had a few around here this past summer

I remember seeing the monarch butterflies up around Hearst Castle this time of year; what a sight! glad you got to go out and check them out

what do you plan to be for Halloween this year? that party does sound fun