Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A spa day for Brodie...

Today was kind of a low-key day. Brodie and TueTue had a spa day and that usually takes several hours. It was too cold to go outside so I just hung out and watched a couple of movies.
Last night Heather brought over a lasagna and garlic bread that she made for my lunch today, do I even need to say that it was the best lasagna I have ever had? She made it with spinach, artichokes and zucchini. This afternoon she brought over some truffles that her Baker made, they were so awesome they just melted in your mouth. My aunt came over with Luana, her nine months old granddaughter, and she gave her a little bite. You should've seen her face light up and her eyes got huge and she kept grabbing for my aunts arm for another bite.


a corgi said...

oh my gosh! truffles! I bet those were delicious!! and that lasagna sounds good too! so glad Brodie got a spa day; I can't imagine Koda at one LOL; that would be an adventure for all!!

it is cold out!! I want our 80 degree weather back LOL

Merry Christmas


FrankandMary said...

I think Brodie really deserved the spa day. I'm sure Brodie would love some lasagna too!