Monday, December 8, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Today I finally did it. I have been afraid to turn left the end of my street and go up the hill because it's pretty steep but it is the shortest distance to a lot of places so I just decided to do it and I made up the hill no problem. Part of the sidewalk going up the hill is always wet so I assume that there would be moss or something slippery there but there really wasn't. I had a doctor's appointment up that way and I didn't really want to go through the lagoon because Brodie is still limping. The doctor's appointment went great. I talked to the doctor about my spine curving while I am in the chair and she's going to talk to my rehab Dr. and decide what my options are. I have a lot of skin tags on my neck and they keep getting pulled by my turtlenecks and sweaters and that is very annoying so she pulled some of them off and she froze others, she said in about two weeks I will never have known that they were there.
Heather came by tonight to set me up for a couple of days because she's going to be very busy at work. Last Saturday Heather, Teresa and I went to see a movie called The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and then after Heather made rack of lamb, couscous, and we have some red wine... it was delicious. I had a lock of Brie cheese from Thanksgiving so she cut up some apples, found some kind of fig something, Brie cheese and she wrapped it up as big square dough and cooked it and it was so good I could not believe it. She made it again last night but we did not get the chance to try it so I cannot wait to try it tomorrow night. She also made a killer sausage and bean soup, a hamburger with Swiss cheese and avocado and a salad, some squash with Swiss cheese and some kind of fish... I will definitely not go hungry until she comes back.
Teresa came by after work and hung up the lights on the tree but a lot of them were not working so it's going to be a little bit more involved than we thought so she's coming back tomorrow or Thursday. When we get finished it is going to look so awesome. I really need to take some pictures.


a corgi said...

oh I do hope you take pictures when it is all up and running! so glad you decided to venture out and try that new route; sorry Brodie is still limping; poor dog!

I want to see that movie too "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas"; I'll probably have to wait though until it comes out on video; we tend to go and see action flicks when we go out to the big screen

again, Heather's food is absolutely delicious sounding!!

its sunny down here today; hope it is sunny up there!


Linda :) said...

You have the best food!!
and hubby has been having the worst luck with christmas lights this year from the ones on the roof to the christmas tree... lol...
looking forward to pictures...
Have a good day!