Sunday, December 21, 2008

A really good weekend...

I really had a good weekend but I am exhausted. On Friday Teresa invited me to her company Christmas party at the Santa Cruz bowling alley. It brought back a lot of good memories, my boss and I used to go bowling and then have sushi every Monday. A lot of people I knew from seeing them around the Dominican building. I had just seen by Dr., Dr. Owens, Friday afternoon because I have a really bad UTI and she gave me some antibiotics. It was so cool watching the kids bowl, apparently was the first time for a lot of them. The scoreboards are automatic and next your name you mark whether you want the bumpers up or not. They had a lot of really good "bowling food" and it was a really nice group of people.
Saturday evening I went to a surprise birthday party for my old neighbor Liz. Jerry e-mailed me and said that they were going to spend the weekend in Aptos and he was going to surprise her at this really nice restaurant with some of her friends, she really was surprised. I hadn't seen them since I moved away in June and it was really great to see them both. They stopped by on Sunday to see the house and Jerry set up my Nintendo Wii game, I'm so excited because now I can start playing tomorrow.

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a corgi said...

I heard Wii's are so much fun! enjoy!!! sounds like a lot of great times with friends celebrating the season and birthdays!!! I'm still one that likes to bowl with the bumpers up LOL!

again thanks for the card!

Brodie looks so cute with her antlers!! Koda won a pair on someone's blog; waiting to get them and see if he'll let me take a picture of him wearing them