Monday, December 15, 2008

A really nice weekend...

Sunday I got up early and Theresa and I went to breakfast at Zachary's, I had heard a lot about it and it was supposed to be one of the best places in Santa Cruz so I wanted to try it, I had a spinach, bacon, avocado and garlic omelette and it came with homestyle potatoes and bread that they make there fresh. After that we went to petsmart to get a hat for the Halloween spider that was left hanging on the porch, I decided instead of putting it away I would just buy a Santa's hat and put it on, it looks really cute. While we were there they told us that we could go and have Brodie's picture taken with Santa so we did and then we went and got TueTue, my mom's dog, and took her back to get her picture taken with Santa also. We drove over to Costco but it was WAY too crowded so we decided not to stop.
We put some bells around Brodie's neck and one on her paws and she looked so cute that we decided to go across the street to show Uncle Dick and Aunt Kathy, Brodie was not amused. My uncle was talking about how much he disliked Christmas so we decided to get a bell, tie a bow around it and hang it from his rearview mirror because I knew that they were going out for their yearly Christmas dinner with friends. My aunt called and said that he grabbed it off the mirror and threw it in the back of the truck but then realized his mistake... they had to listen to the bell rolling around in the back of the truck all the way there. Heather and Linda came by for a while and we had a really nice visit, Linda works so much that I hardly ever get to see her.
Today I decided to take Brodie for a walk through the lagoon, it had been raining in the water was really high. I left her with my mother and went to Costco to pick up my meds, it was way too long of a trip for her and it took me about an hour and a half but would have taken me probably twice that if I had brought Brodie along, she has to go really slow.
When I got back a WONDERFUL aroma was coming out of my kitchen, Heather must be here I thought and sure enough there she was. She brought me part of a prime rib and smothered it with mushrooms, sautéed spinach and garlic and garlic mashed potatoes, I thought I was in heaven. She also made some egg plant with fennel and bell peppers and a chicken, spinach, artichoke and avocado wrap for my lunch tomorrow.

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a corgi said...

oh my gosh! Heather and her cooking!! sounds delicious!!! I also like what you had for breakfast at Zachary's; that sounded tasty too!!

how cute with the spider and the Christmas hat, very clever with decorating!! bet it does look nice :)

too funny about your uncle and the bell; he'll think twice I'm sure about removing anything from the mirror in the future, LOL

we got a lot of rain down here, I would imagine you got "hammered" too. I've spent a lot of time yesterday and this morning wiping someone's muddy paws LOL

enjoy the day; today it is bright sunshine down here