Monday, November 17, 2008

Crazy busy...

Today seemed like a really good day to take a bath and just go back to bed and watch movies. Usually I pick at least one day to stay in bed but I have been so busy that I really haven't stayed in bed much at all. DirecTV gave me a couple of free movies for being such a good customer so today would be the perfect day to take advantage of it.
Heather came by today to make sure that I have enough food to get me through the next couple of days, November and December are very busy for her at work. Yesterday she made some meat loaf and it was SO good, she made it with pork, sausage and hamburger and wrapped bacon around it and she also made my favorite roasted potatoes and sautéed spinach with garlic and mushrooms. Whenever Brodie sees her walk through the door she goes crazy and follows her around. Today when Heather left I saw Brodie walk in the kitchen and she sniffed around so and then around the sink and then around the counter and seemed confused that Heather left and there was no incredible smells in the kitchen, Brodie is so cute.
I took Brodie to the vet last week because she has been limping on her left front leg for over a week. They did all of the necessary tests and told me that she as arthritis in her elbows and her shoulders, that is what I was afraid of. She has a series of shots, two a week for a month and then one every couple of months. They also gave her some inflammatory medicine and then we just need to wait and see what happens. It's getting to be really frustrating because I'm getting to where I really can't go anywhere and I can't leave her at home, whenever I go somewhere I've always watching out for other dogs. She's not aggressive but the hackels go up and she barks. The vet says that it is because of me because I get so nervous and stressed when another dog comes around because I'm afraid of how she will act and apparently she can then that and it makes it worse so I need to chill out and eat peppermint, the doctor said that peppermint will make it harder for her to read my emotions... we shall see.
They started redoing the fences around my house on and they just finished it up last week , they are so quick and the fences are BEAUTIFUL. The fence going down my driveway was in good shape but they put a trellis along the top, now I don't have to look into my neighbors apartment.

Along the side of the driveway they put a bunch of river rock so I decided to sprinkle some soil, throw out some morning glory and passion flower seeds that we had soaked and then throw down some more soil on top of the river rock and see what happens. Yesterday I counted about 20 3 inch sprouts coming up so it looks like it's going to work and I am so excited, I checked them every day like they're my little babies and I'm so proud. Were going to soaks more seeds and go all the way down the driveway now that we know it's going to work.


a corgi said...

interesting about the peppermint; I'm going to have to try that with Koda because I think sometimes he picks up on my emotions too around other dogs

how cute Brodie likes Heather too! probably knows Heather brings goodies and yummy treats!

hoping Brodie does okay with the arthritis and it doesn't slow her down too much; always hard when our furry pets age

have a good Tuesday


a corgi said...

I left an award for you on my journal; come see me when you can :)

enjoy your day