Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am always surprised when people remember me...

I cannot believe how much we got done this weekend. My mom's new window treatments came in the mail on Friday and last weekend Theresa took me to Home Depot and I bought a closet organizer that had to be installed, I had no idea where we were going to find somebody to install them but Mario showed up on Saturday to replace the window that one of his workers broke. Mario owns the company that cleans our house. Besides owning the company she does maintenance so it was perfect timing and we were so excited to get things done before Thanksgiving.
I have been soaking Morning Glory and Passion Flower seeds to plant along the driveway and they are sprouting like crazy, it is so cool to watch them grow. There was already some river rock there so we just sprinkled soil over the top threw down the seeds and sprinkled more dirt over the top and they are crazy, supposedly they're both very hardy and in no time the fence on my driveway will be covered with beautiful flowers and vines.
My uncle and aunt built a ramp to go in to their house that they are redoing so I finally got to go in and see everything, it is gorgeous. They have been living in the back house for a long time and working on the front house and they are finally getting so close and it really is a dream house.
It seems like Heather keeps out doing herself. Every time I think that she cannot make something any better she does. Tonight she brought over a couple of fillet minion's and some mashed potatoes with a whole bunch of really good stuff in them. Yesterday she brought some fresh cod, I am just so lucky to be eating like this.
I finally had my wheelchair evaluation were everybody showed up. Barbara, the OT that I saw last time and said that she would help me out and Eric, the guy who works at Rehab Specialist were both in there. I knew Eric because I worked with him before when I went to Transition. I used to go to Transitions a couple times a week to use the standing frame and work on other ways to make me more independent. While I was talking to Eric he asked me where I live, because it is a cul-de-sac most people have never heard of it but he had. He said a really good friend of his lives on the same street, he lives right across the street from me and my aunt and uncle know him very well. His ex-wife is a realtor and helped me find this place that I live in now... small world or what? On my way to the appointment I saw Carl, he is the guy who set me up with my very first wheelchair over 13 years ago.
Today while I was in Costco I ran into, not literally, a guy in a scooter with the cutest little Pappion puppy. He came over to say hello and put the puppy in my lap, Brodie was not amused. He asked me what my name was and when I told him he said " you're not Tammie Van..." and I said yes I am. Several years ago when I moved out of my mom's house in to my own I gave him a hospital bed that he says he still has, uses and very much appreciates. He has three other puppies and he's going to bring them over so Brodie and I can play with them.


a corgi said...

so neat to run (not literally LOL) into old friends in the most unexpected places! I'm sure you will enjoy the visit with him and his pups

as always Heather's entrees always make me hungry

seems like you had a very busy weekend; glad you were able to accomplish so much :)


Millie said...

Just dropping in to say hi - I've been MIA for a while - got lots of catching up to do!

Those pups sound so cute. I hope the visit went well and you had fun!

Be well,

Millie :)