Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lost voice recognition...

It has been such a long time since I have written anything. My home automation system is just falling apart and last week I lost my phone and my voice recognition software. I'm going to try Vonage and I really hope that I like it because I am just setting it up today and already my trial period is over, I guess it can't be any worse than having no telephone at all.
Yesterday Teresa took me to get a new microphone for my computer and to Home Depot... oh how we love Home Depot. I got a closet organizer for my front bedroom and some more soil to plant the rest of my seeds along the driveway. We went to this hamburger placed called Jacks that I often passed by and always wonder about. The hamburgers AND french fries were really good, I kind of had a feeling that they were because the place is always packed.
It's getting pretty close to Thanksgiving and I'm finally starting to think that I'm going to get my house organized in time. Teresa is such a huge help I am so glad that we found her. Thanksgiving is going to be at my aunt's house and it sounds like there's going to be a lot of people there, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. As I am cruising down the streets I see a lot of windows painted for the holidays and I've always wondered if they would do that for private homes, they always leave their name and phone numbers on the window so going to give them a call and find out.
Now that the fences are all done and they look GORGEOUS and when I open my bedroom door I'm not staring into the neighbors apartments and vice versa. We soaked some morning glory seeds until they sprouted and then poured some dirt in the river rock and put the seeds and it looks like they are liking it, I already have nine little babies growing, it is so exciting to watch. I'm trying to decide whether I should alternate passion flowers and morning glories or put morning glories in the middle and passion flowers on the end, it sure is a long driveway.
Heather is so creative and she has made some really amazing dishes. She wanted to make a quiche and she didn't have the pie crust so she made a crust with Bulger wheat and salsa and it was so good, I told her I would be her guinea pig anytime. She did not like the way it turned out because it all blended together but I loved it.

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a corgi said...

so glad you updated Tammie; I was a bit worried wondering what was going on with you; sorry you are having problems with technologic things; hoping they get worked out soon. I don't have Vondage but I hear good things about it. I would think those window painters would paint a scene on a private house; with business the way it is now, I'm sure they would be happy to get work wherever they can. I bet it will come out cute!

Thanksgiving sounds like fun! always nice to celebrate it with friends and family!