Thursday, November 27, 2008


Thanksgiving was great. Stanley and his family came down Wednesday evening to stay the night, Robert, David and Corinne are getting to be so big and so good-looking.
Thursday morning, as he always does when he is here, Stanley made a big huge breakfast... scrambled eggs topped with eggplant, bacon and English muffins. I got David to hook up My Nintendo Wii and he showed me how to use it, I think I'm really going to love it. I played tennis and baseball and my arm was getting tired, it is also my eating arm so of course I don't want that to be tired on Thanksgiving.
Rich, Vanessa and their family showed up and so did Mike and Laura and we all ate way too much. Teresa stayed for the day and is always such a big help and so nice to be around. She made garlic mashed potatoes and she made this dip with blue cheese and onions, it was delicious. Of course we had all of the traditional dishes and then some and of course plenty of leftovers.
For some reason I just could not get comfortable in my chair, I was really lopsided and although I really tried to ignore it just didn't feel right. After we ate I had Teresa put me in my old chair and although it was a little bit more comfortable I think it's just my spine. I am very tall and I have a long torso so I'm going to make an appointment and see if there's anything that can be done about it, at first I thought it was maybe scoliosis but when I lay down my spine is straight so that is a big relief.

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a corgi said...

I loved the pictures!! what a nice group of people they all are and looks like everyone was having such a good time! I'm so glad you enjoyed your day Tammie; those mashed potatos sound delicious!!

hoping you can get some resolution with your chair so you can be comfortable in it the majority of the time you sit in it

enjoy the day ahead