Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Time to put away the Christmas decorations…

 Monday was a really great day, I was so excited to be able to get up and cruise around. Karen came in and got me up and Robby and I went for a nice extra long cruise all over the lagoon, Westcliff Drive, the wharf and the boardwalk. It was a little cold but definitely worth getting outside and cruising around, I did not want to come home. Rosa came in and we did some personal care and for some reason I just thought the worst headache in the world, I tried to pop my neck and stretch it out… Anything to give me some relief but it just wouldn't go away. Please don't let me end up in the hospital. I took a couple of PMs and a lorazepam and just knocked myself out, I woke up about 2 AM and felt better. I think it's just the really tight muscles in my neck, I haven't had a massage for a couple of weeks.

Tuesday I felt better but I still have a little twinge and I was afraid to move because I was afraid it would get worse, I don't want to feel that pain that I felt last night anymore. Cindy came in and got me up and the guys came in from Bogner sheet-metal to zone my house so I can keep my room warm and only keep the living room when we have company, is always so cold out there so will be really nice. Cindy took me shopping over to New Leaf to get some groceries and then over to Safeway to pick up my prescription and get some more groceries. She brought me home and put me to bed because I was starting to get a headache again and I didn't want to just sit out in the rain, if it's going to rain I'd rather be more fun for both in my bed. Cindy put me to bed so Rosa didn't have to come in so I just watch TV and relax the rest of the evening.

Wednesday was another day stuck in bed, Daniel was going to come by at noon and install my new tires on my chair and unfortunately I have to be out of it. Is not really enough time after you left to get dressed and get up so I just stayed in bed. But guys from Bogner came by to finish the job, all of them are so nice and really helpful. Daniel came by and replaced by new tires and I'm ready to go for tomorrow.  Rosa came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long but bath, I was still a little sore so it felt great and I fell right to sleep.

Thursday was a pretty good day, it was a little cold and windy but I didn't care… I just wanted to get out. Karen came in and got me up on a cruise downtown for my appointment with my psychologist Carol. It had been two weeks since last time I saw her so the session went by pretty fast. After that Robby and I cruised around downtown for a while and then cruised over to the wharf and then over to the boardwalk. When I got back home as I cruised down my driveway I noticed that somebody scraped the back of my van, seriously?? I just got it fixed, no note or anything. I bought one of those cameras that you put in your car but it hasn't been installed yet, I wonder if they only work while you're driving or does motion set it off? I came inside and rested for a bit and Rosa came in to put me to bed, I think she wanted to start putting the Christmas decorations away but I want to get my storage unit straightened out over the weekend before I start putting stuff away. When it's cold it's always so nice to get back into bed and wore myself up either with the thermostat or electric row that I wear around my neck. Most of the time it takes a while to get warmed up for what a great feeling.

Friday was a really great day. Today is my little brother's birthday! Karen came in and got me up and Robby and I went for a nice long cruise through the lagoon, down Westcliff Drive past the lighthouse Museum and back, There was some kind of surfing contest going on by the lighthouse Museum. We cruised down to the end of the wharf and back at home. I rested for a bit before Meaghan came into put me to bed, we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath. She put me back to bed and I had rotisserie chicken, asparagus and mushrooms, roasted red potatoes and onions and two biscuits that my mom had… You know those kind that you pop on the counter? I really really shouldn't eat those but they are so delicious. I watch TV until I fell asleep.

Saturday was a pretty exciting day. Cindy came in and got me up and her, Omar and I went over to the storage unit to get everything straightened out and see if I was ready to get rid of anything, storage unit got organized but I wasn't ready to get rid of it anything. We got some Panini sandwiches from New Leaf market, my favorite is turkey, pesto and brie cheese. We also got a couple of chicken pesto ones, some rotisserie chicken legs and thighs, some fruit, some baked chips and some water. I was really pleased with the way that the storage unit turned out and we have plenty of room for my Christmas decorations. Three of the containers that we had, we are trying to make all the containers the same so they stepped better, had broken lids so I decided to take them over to Costco because I got some of them there and I figured they would be able to tell, they gave me a refund but I don't think that they were from there by the way the lady acted… It was nice of them to refund anyway. We bought six more and came on home. I rested for a bit and then my aunt and uncle came over to take me to the Aquarius restaurant down by the beach to meet Jerry and Liz for Jerry's birthday dinner, I ran into Jerry a couple of days ago and he invited us to go. I haven't seen him in a long time so it was really great to see both of them and hopefuly I will be able to see more of them. He drives for Uber, Lyft and Wingz so he is in this area a lot. We had a really nice dinner, got caught up a little bit and then came home in a huge downpour… It was all worth it. Meaghan came in and put me to bed, my body was so sore from being out in the cold and from a long day that everything hurt. I went to bed and took two PMs and a lorazepam and try to warm myself up. I watched TV until I fell sleep.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. I was so sore all week I just wanted to stay in bed, listen to the rain and wind chimes and relapse. Cindy came in and got me something to eat and started putting away the Christmas decorations, my house is going to look so bare. I slept on and off all day, after being in the cold storage unit all day and going down in the downpour later that night for dinner my body was aching, stiff and cold. I'm still really glad I went because I had a really good time it just might take a couple days to get back to my old self, I think I'm still getting over the pneumonia. Meaghan came in and fed Robby and I and we did a couple of other things, I'm so glad that she agreed to come in because there was supposed to be a storm coming… She made it home before the storm.

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betty said...

It is always hard to see how empty the house looks after the decorations come down. I did hear lots of rain was coming to California and had already rained a lot in California too. Stay dry if you can!