Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving week…

 Monday was a pretty good day. Daniel from numotion came by to get my chair and took it back to the shop to fix it, I got a new actuator, new tires all around, and you driving shaft… It was a nice day to stay in bed because it was kind of cold. Karen came in and we did some personal care and she did a bunch of other stuff around here. This is the week we are starting to get everything organized and get rid of what I don't need, some days I'm really in the mood to get rid of stuff and other days I just can't do it so I hope this week has a lot of days that I'm ready to get rid of stuff. I also want to try dehydrating my own vegetables for snacks for Robby and I, I hope it works. Rosa came in and sat me up and fed Robby and I and that was about it, I watched TV for the rest of the evening.

Tuesday was a pretty good day but really cold. I found a professional organizer to see if I could get my garage organized, I figure if I get the garage organized than the rest of the house might not be so overwhelming… The garage is really a mess. It was Karen stay off but she volunteered to come in and help the organizer and between the two of them they did an excellent job, so good that the organizer asked Karen if she wanted to work with her on other jobs… That is so awesome and I hope it works out. Lisa came in and got me up and we went over to cost plus to get some eggnog wine and some Italian soda to take to Rosa's house on Thanksgiving. We went to meet Omar at the storage unit to find the valances for my living room, Lisa took them down when she decorated for Halloween, and my food dehydrator which we did not find. We were on our way to Cosco when Karen texted me and said that she had to go to her other clients because for other clients caregiver didn't show up so we rushed back home so Lisa could help her straighten up the garage a little before she had to leave. She also started taking stuff out of the pantry in the kitchen and it was all over the kitchen floor. They got everything straightened up at least for the night and Lisa will come in the morning and make room in the garage for my mom's car. Everything looks great so far.  I got an email from CCI saying that it has been brought to their attention that Robby is overweight and they would like to work with me to get Robby's weight down, I'm so glad that my vet and I already addressed the situation and Robby is down to 70 pounds, the gentleman that rectified Robby wanted him down to 75 but my vet said 70 would be better since he is getting older. Rosa came in and put me to bed and we did some personal care and are really awesome long bath, we decided to try doing personal care every night for a while and see how that goes… I will love having a bath every night.

Wednesday was a pretty good day. Lisa came in and put me on my side and we picked out an outfits for me to wear for tomorrow, Thanksgiving. She also gave Robby a bath, he really needed one and I wanted to make sure he was clean for when we go to Rose's house tomorrow. She finished going through some stuff in the garage and cleaning it up, it looks awesome! I stayed in bed out of the cold and watch TV for the rest of the day. Rosa came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath, as usual it felt great.

Thursday was a really good day but cold, it's getting colder. Karen came in and got me up and even though it was cold and took Robby for a nice cruise through the lagoon where I met a lady named Lynn, she lives in the apartment's overlooking the lagoon. She was in a wheelchair so I told her about our support group and gave her a little card, hopefully I will see her there. We talked about riding the bus and she says that she does it all the time, I told her I would like to start taking it and she said she will go with me a few times. I asked her about Kristof, a guy from the same apartment complex than I used to run into all the time, she said that about six months ago he had to go into a care facility because he could not live on his own anymore. I'm hoping to go visit him and see if he remembers me. We cruise down Westcliff Drive and back, down to the end of the wharf and back and then home to rest for a while and get all warmed up and ready to go to Rosa and her family's for Thanksgiving dinner. I brought my portable ramps but it was two really big steps close together to get into her house and it just wasn't going to happen so I sat on the porch with Adriana, Cindy, Keith and Nico. Cindy and Keith came back to my house to get my porch heater and that helped a little but it was just cold. My mom and I both had a really good time, what a nice family… Everybody in that family is sweet and caring. Dinner was excellent and the desert was awesome! Rosa, Adriana and Cindy brought me home and Rosa put me to bed. I didn't sleep very good, actually I didn't really sleep at all.

Friday look like it was going to be really cold so I decided to stay in bed again. I woke up frustrated and achy from the night before. Karen came in and we did some personal care and I just rested and watched movies the rest of the day. Theresa came in and I had turkey leftovers, they were awesome! I also got to take a nice long hot bath, I had the chills all day so it felt great.

Saturday was a long day. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to get up and brave the cold outside or stay in bed where it's nice and warm, Cindy said she would take Robby for a walk so I decided to stay in bed. Omar came by and brought all of the Christmas decorations, actually I think he said he only brought half, so now I'm getting really excited. He found a couple of light projectors that I bought after Christmas last year and plugged them in and they looked really cool, I can't wait to see what they look like on the front and back porch, maybe even one in the pergola. Theresa came in and we did some personal care and unfortunately I decided to not take a bath, what was I thinking?? I felt miserable all night.

Sunday I was already to get dressed and get out of this bed and go cruising around but Cindy never showed up, I waited until 8 AM and then called my mom to come down and feed Robby and I. I watched Trainwreck on paper view and texting Theresa to see if she can come in early and she said yes. It looks nice outside, it says 60°. I hope it's nice all week.

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betty said...

It is cold here too; looking forward to a bit warmer weather due here this week. Sounded like you had a nice Thanksgiving, Tammie; that is always nice to hear.

Garage looked great with the organization! I bet that was a nice feeling to see it all come together like it did.

Such cute pictures of Robbie; especially the fall ones :)