Sunday, November 1, 2015

A week of friends visiting…

 Monday was a pretty boring day. I ended up staying in bed I think we got everything under control and I'm back to feeling much better. I like to stay in bed once in a while but when the weather is nice I would rather get out and cruise around with Robby. I watched a couple of movies, slept and watched some shows on TiVo.

Tuesday was a pretty good day. The sun was out in the morning and Lisa got me up and took me to Costco, by the time we left Cotsco it was overcast and looking like it was going to rain. It's been a while since I have been to Costco so we got a lot so it should last me for a while. We came home and I rested for a bit and it was already 3:00 PM so I just stayed in and rested and watch TV and listen to music until Rosa got here. Rosa called and said that she was at the hospital in Watsonville because her uncle was having emergency surgery, his abdomen is full of cancer. I feel so bad that's she has to come in and work after such a long an stressful day. After she found out how the surgery went she came in and put me to bed and then went back to hospital, she's buying to be so tired tomorrow.

Wednesday it was such a great day. Karen came in and got me up and I took Robby for a short cruise through the Lagoon while I was waiting for my friend Elizabeth and her father to come for a visit from Los Gatos, I went to high school with Elizabeth and reconnected on Facebook a while ago… she is such a sweet and funny lady. I came home and we visited for a while I decided to go get something to eat. Elizabeth's father, Dave, brought his adorable Little dog Bentley so we wanted to find a restaurant with a dog friendly patio… there are a ton of them in Santa Cruz. Instead we decided to walk down to the Mexican restaurant here and come back and eat out in the yard, it was such a beautiful and perfect day… my mom even came out and joined us. After lunch we had some coffee and then decided to take a to cruise through the Lagoon. The time went by way too fast and it was time for them to leave. I came in and rested for a bit and then Rosa came in to put me to bed, do some personal care and of course a nice long hot bath.

Thursday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and got me up and Robby and I cruised downtown for my appointment with my psychologist, that always goes by really fast and I always have a lot to say about my crazy life. After my appointment we cruised around downtown for a while and then cruise down to the wharf and back to meet Kay back at my house so she could do my hair, I always love the way it looks when she leaves. By the time she finished there wasn't enough time to cruise anywhere so he just sat outside in the sun and I fell asleep. Rosa came in and put me to bed and I was glad we didn't have to do any personal care but that means no bath. I just watched TV, it's amazing how fast they iVo box fills up.

Friday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and we did some personal and I was going to stay in bed but Karen talked me into getting up and I'm glad she did because the weather was perfect. I took Robby for a cruise through the lagoon, through the park on Bay street and down westcliff Drive, it was so beautiful and cool I just kept on going and taking pictures. I wish there was a zoom feature on Google Glass, I see the most beautiful Picture and I take it but when I get home it's so far away… trying to crop the picture and it helps a little bit but there's just some stuff here that is so beautiful I want to capture it look at it over and over. I came home and rested for a bit before Theresa came in to put me to bed. Seth came over and we watched the movie, we are going to watch two movies but he fell asleep... It is kind of nice you have somebody To watch scary movies with.

Sunday was a pretty good day, the weather was perfect. Seth and I cruised downtown to see if it was a mess from Halloween event, it looks the same as it always does. We cruised down to the wharf, through the boardwalk and then across the bridge to E. Cliff Dr. and then back over the bridge, through the boardwalk and back home. I rested for a bit and then took Robby back out for a cruise through the lagoon, through Bay St., Park and down Westcliff Drive and back. On my way back I noticed that the battery on my chair was almost dead, I had to read flashing bars, so I pulled into the dream inn and asked them if I could borrow one of their outlets for about 20 minutes… They said I could. I texted my aunt and asked her she could send Seth with my battery charger and she sent him on his way. I also texted my mom in case I couldn't get a hold of my aunt and she said she would just come and get me so I met her at the wharf and she drove Seth and I home. Theresa came in and put me to bed and I hung out with Seth for a while.

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betty said...

You took some great pictures of Robbie, Tammie :) And I liked the pictures from Halloween and the carved pumpkins; the pumpkins came out great! Did sound like it was a nice week for you :)