Monday, June 8, 2015

I wish the sun will come out and my chair would be fixed on the same day...

Monday was a great day. Karen came in to get me up and everything was going great until we got my lift and it wouldn't work, it always has to be something?? Ed brought one of his guys over to install the security screens, I'm so glad he suggested I put them in. If somebody takes off the screen or cuts it an alarm will automatically go off and the police will come and check it out. I bought some sports bras at Ross yesterday and they were too big so I took them back and got a smaller size. After that I cruised down to U-haul to rent a trailer that we can pull behind us on our trip to Oregon in July because I know there's going to be a lot of stuff with five people going. They told me I needed to get's a hitch installed so I called Ocean Honda and are going to do it on Saturday, tomorrow we are going to storage to gets some luggage so I can be packed and ready to go in plenty of time. We got home and rested for a bit and then Rosa came in to put me to bed, I know I'm going to sleep well because I'm really tired right now.

Tuesday was another great day, the weather just getting better and better. Lisa came in and got me up and took me to Costco, and found the rewards check in my wallet so pretty much everything was paid for… I love it when that happens. I came home and ate half of my cheek and make before I remembered that I'm not eating any gluten or six weeks, well there goes that. I also got some spinach and lentil stuffed Indian bread… It's low in carbohydrates and I don't get why but it tastes good and I love it. I came back and rested for a bit and then took Robby for cruise through the lagoon, to the end of the wharf and back through the lagoon and back home. Rosa came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath, a bath just makes all the bad stuff go away. The last couple of weeks I have noticed sometimes one and sometimes to ducks swimming around in the man-made pond on one of the rides at the Boardwalk, even from up above the right I can smell of chlorine so I don't know how good that is for the duck but he seems happy. A lot of people from money in the pond and is just so cute.

Wednesday was another great day, the weather was just perfect. I took Robby for a short cruise because Karen said he was "walking funny". I noticed him slowing down and once in a while I see him limping so I didn't want to take him to far, I came home and made them an appointment to see Dr. Dave tomorrow to make sure everything is okay. One of his sisters didn't make the CCI program because she had hip dysplasia so I'm a little nervous. Omar came by with a framed picture of Robby and Penny, Karen took a couple of pictures on Monday and it really turned out great. I showed them to Omar and he asked me to send them to him, how sweet is that?? His wife Adela, who cleans my house, got another ticket today for parking in front without a parking permit… She had one but it was a temporary day pass and she can scratch off the date. I'm going to go down there tomorrow and talk to them about it and see what we can do, people just keep forgetting to take them off of their rearview mirror and bring it back in the house when they leave. He hung the picture up and we decided to find the other picture, Karen took two really cute pictures. She took a couple more today, Robby and Penny are just so cute together. Rosa came in and put me to bed and my mom, Kelly and I played cribbage… We haven't played cribbage for really long time and I miss it.

Thursday was a pretty busy day, thank goodness the weather's nice. Karen came in and got me up and ready for the day. She always catches and takes the most adorable pictures. Robby and I cruised downtown to see my psychologist, she always makes me feel so good about myself and I feel like you're not doing anything wrong or mean, I always felt bad having an opinion or doing what I want to do because whenever anyone else doesn't agree with what I like/want a feel like I have to change my mind and you know what?? I don't! I still care very much what people think but everybody has their opinion and everybody's opinion is different so I'm just going to go ahead and go with mine. We got a cruise down to the wharf and back home in time to meet Kay to get my hair dyed, I'm trying to go a little bit lighter each time. People think are going to go lighter or darker gradually so nobody will notice but I always wonder what about those people seen for months? We did my hair a little bit lighter and then at the end of the month she will do the highlights and hope there will be gray for my nephews wedding. After I got my hair done I had an appointment to take Robby to the vet but Dr. Dave had an emergency and had to leave so we rescheduled for tomorrow, I hope everything is okay… Dr. Dave is so cool. Rosa came in and we did our regular Thursday routine… Personal care and a nice long hot bath. Seth came over to watch a movie but I kept falling asleep, we watched the loft and I look like a pretty good movie but I just couldn't keep my eyes open. I find that when I only concentrate on one thing, usually I'm back and forth with the TV and the computer, and fall asleep. I woke up as he was leaving because I heard the door chime and I tried to watch the end of the movie a couple more times but I just kept falling asleep.

Friday was another great day, it started out warm but as I was sitting in the vet it started sprinkling. I had thought that Robby might be sore but of course the last couple of days he has been fine, the vet said his muscles are great but he does need to lose a little bit of weight which I knew… I just wanted to make sure he wasn't in any pain before we started cruising around Santa Cruz again. I got an email from Roger confirming that Todd and Andrei are going to be here Monday to fix my chair again, it has just been so visibly uncomfortable for too long… I feel like I get one thing fixed perfectly and two other things go wrong. The quick release on one of my ankle straps broke and now I'm getting a new flag on my display window on my chair that says "bad cable" even when I told Yvonne from Numotion she said "oh oh" I will have Daniel there on Wednesday… I hope my chair doesn't break down and leave me in the middle of nowhere until then. I purposely told her what the flag says so they can be ready, I'm sure they know what part I'm going to need, but we will see.  We cruised around the lagoon, the wharf and the Boardwalk before coming home, it is already super crowded so this weekend is going to be horrific. When I got back home I had a message from Andrei saying that he left a gel pad on the couch on the front porch, I have been looking online for one but couldn't find one and he just happened to have one in his garage… He is always so sweet and generous. Elena and Teresa came in and Elena put me to bed, Teresa was just here to cook and in case Elena needed help but she did great… She is going to work out perfect. I was going through some pictures on Google and I found this last picture. It was on our trip to Florida and I was always cold but I noticed Robby looking at me while I was sleeping, how cute is that??

Saturday I decided to stay in bed, I have a couple of red marks on my butt which means be careful now or I will turn into a pressure sore. Lisa came in and got me some breakfast and then took Robby stool sample to the vet and went to take my van to Ocean Honda to get the hitch put on it so we can tow the trailer to Oregon. Lisa sent a message and said that because the Van was lowered and the gas tank was moved to the back of the vehicle they cannot put the tow hitch on it Oh great, now we have to figure out a plan B. Omar is going to go to storage and get my luggage and we will probably start packing next.  After thinking about a lot of options my brother Stanley agreed to rent a van and come down and pick up our luggage, or at least my luggage and take it to Oregon with them… I have such awesome brothers and that is such a relief. Teresa and Elana came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath.

Sunday was a perfect day, the weather was so nice. Lisa came in and got me up and we decided to go to Costco. Right before we left Rosa texted me and asked if I was going to go to the gay pride parade downtown, I didn't even know it was today. I told her I had to go to Costco but I would head down there after I got back. I got back to late for the parade but I headed down to the after party, by then Rosa had gone home. I only had about 45 minutes until I had to go home because we were training Elana, I wish I could have stayed longer. Everybody was having so much fun and it was so much fun to watch I wished I didn't have to leave. I got a couple of really good pictures and then headed home. Teresa and Elana came in and Elana put me to bed while Teresa Cooked for the rest of the week. Elana is so cool, she is going to work out great.


betty said...

You had a busy week, Tammie :) I loved the picture of the cat and Robby sleeping side by side, so cute! I hope you guys can figure out a solution with all the stuff you'll be taking for your trip to Oregon. Renting the trailer did seem like a good idea except for the problem with installing the hitch. I bet you are looking forward to that trip!


susie said...

I liked the picture of the hoarder vehicle the best. Ha.