Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Birthday week…

 Monday was another miserable day. I thought we had success with my personal care on Sunday but apparently not enough. I felt so bad today I thought I was headed for the hospital and although we didn't have very much success I feel a little better. I don't know what's wrong with me but I hope I feel better soon. Karen came in and even before I ate and could feel really hard pressure so it looks like another day in bed. I texted Kelly to ask her if she would take Robby in for his vet appointment and she did. Robby has already lost 2 pounds and it has only been a week so if I could just get out of this bed and take him for some exercise and the rest will come off really easily. I did change his food to a older dog version of his brand and I think that's really going to be key, this is really dense. I stayed on my side all day again today and just watched TV and tried to organize my pictures on Google plus. Teresa came by with some kind of magnesium drink that tasted disgusting by the way but at this point I will try anything. She also probably some prune juice and warmed it up. She brought me some Metamucil to start taking every night also, it's really sucks! After a couple of hours we had a huge success and what relief. I watched a movie with Seth and then fell asleep.

Tuesday was another miserable day stuck in bed. I think a lot of my problems are stress related, I have nothing but time to sit/lay around and think about stuff that bothers me… Most people can get up and busy themselves to take their minds off of stressful situations but I can't. I think I am my own worst enemy and I need to figure out how to deal with things I have no control over. Lisa came in and I just didn't feel secure enough to get up so I stayed in bed and on my side. I watched TV rest of the day until Rosa came in and she gave me a nice long hot bath, I felt a little better and went right to sleep.

Wednesday was a pretty good day. I felt a little better so I got up and went to AT&T to buy and OtterBox for the next upgrade for my phone, if the OtterBox fits on my chair that I will buy the phone and if it doesn't I guess I will just use my phone until it dies and I have to do something. I've been told by several people that the phones are only made to last two or three years anymore. I cruised down the reservoir to San Lorenzo Park and cruise around the park for a while and then back down the reservoir to the boardwalk, I cruised through the boardwalk, down to the end of the wharf and back and then home. It really wasn't ready to come home because it was such a beautiful day and it just felt right to be out and about again but my leg bag was full and it needed to be empty, I can't wait to get my automatic leg bag emptier hooked up so I don't have to come home until I have to come home. Rosa came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath, it feels so great to be back on the normal site again. One good thing was I got to take a bath every night this week…

Thursday was a really great day, it was my birthday and I turned 54 years old… Can I really be that old?? I cruise Robby around for a little bit and then met Kelly at the Nickelodeon Theatre to see a movie called I'll see you in my dreams, my mom was supposed to go also but she didn't sleep very good and she was really tired… She was afraid that she would just sleep through the whole movie so she stayed here. It was a great movie, Kelly and I both enjoyed it very much. We came back here and my mom, Tom, Jim, Ursula and Rosa came by for my birthday. Kelly they carnitas and butternut squash tacos, they were awesome! Jim made some guacamole and Ursula brought some pickled onions that she made and some cantaloupe, mango and cucumber in the juice. Kelly also made a cake layer with carrot cake, liquid cheesecake… About four layers… topped with white chocolate frosting. She had made it once before for Christmas and it is just the best thing I have ever tasted in my life. Rosa put me to bed and I slept really good. Jim and Ursula brought me this really beautiful scarf and Rosa brought me a beautiful plant, such a great day!

Friday was another awesome day. I got up and met Teresa downtown at the assembly restaurant for lunch, one of my new favorite places, and then we might see the movie Spy… What a hilarious movie! After the movie Teresa dropped me off at Depot Park and I headed over to watch the first bands on the beach concert this year… Eddie Money, he is one of my favorites and is there every year. Again this year he did not disappoint anyone, usually he has his daughter with him but this time he also had his son who has his own band… Such a talented family. I came home and Elena put me to bed.

Saturday was a perfect day! Karen came in and got me up and finished packing myself for the Oregon trip while Robby and I went out for a cruise. We went through the lagoon, started to go down Westcliff Drive but it was so crowded we turned around and went to the wharf which was also super crowded we went down to the end anyway and came back and for some reason thought it would be a good idea to go to the boardwalk, when it was so beautiful I just wanted to be out and about and take some pictures. We cruised back home and Stanley and Janet  were here, they came down to spend the night. Kelly grilled some pizzas on the barbecue, the first one that she did was blue cheese, avocado and bacon, the second one was pepperoni, mozzarella and arugula and the third one was pesto mozzarella and tomatoes… All extremely good. Kelly also made some killer cookies. I ate so much in my blood sugar was going to be really high but surprisingly it wasn't. I ate a piece of the cake that Kelly made for my birthday, one of the cookies that she made, pizza and some more cake for dessert. I'm really glad that my diabetes is under control and I can do this once in a while. Elena came to put me to bed and my mom, Stanley, Janet and I played cribbage… I was on fire! For some reason I was really itching so I took two Benadryl and that's the last thing I remember.

Sunday was another amazing day! Karen came in and got me up and I took Robby for a regular cruise around Santa Cruz, man was a crowded… Everywhere we went. If this is any indication of what this summer is going to be like it is going to be ridiculous. I came back and hung out for a while with Stanley and Janet, Janet decided to barbecue for Stanley for Father's Day… Of course I'm always up for a barbecue. My cousin Rich, his girlfriend Sue, Seth, Luana and Melia came over to visit for a while… It was really nice. Janet barbecued some steaks, baked some potatoes and make a fruit and regular salad… It was really nice and the weather was perfect. Elena came in and put me to bed and then Seth came over and watched a movie with me, I kept falling asleep and was gone shortly after he left.


betty said...

Happy belated birthday, Tammie!! Seemed like you had a good day! Yum on the grilled pizzas, not sure I have ever had them that way, but the pictures looked good of them! Glad to hear Robbie dropped a couple of pounds too. I guess he is like us, as we age, our metabolism goes down, probably same for dogs. I heard the Spy movie was funny, glad you liked it, and glad to hear you are going to the summer concerts again this year!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. You look younger. You don't get a lot of clouds in your area, it seems.
I liked the sailboat photo.