Monday, March 2, 2015

I'm curious to see what this week brings…

 Monday was a really good day. Andrei and Todd were supposed to come over and install my new backrest and take an impression for my new cushion but something got mixed up and they had to call and reschedule for next Monday. I got up and took Robby for a cruise through the lagoon, through the park on Bay Street, down Westcliff Drive and back, to the end of the wharf and back, to the end of the boardwalk and back, through Depo Park and home. I love Mondays when there is a lot of good weather and not a lot of people, I feel I can go anywhere I want and not run into knuckleheads. I did run into Heather while I was taking pictures with Google Glass in Neptune's kingdom, she was on her way to a meeting so we didn't talk much but it was nice to see her. We came back and rested for a bit and then rose and came in and put me to bed. Yesterday while Teresa was here she cooked a whole bunch of stuff, when I had tonight was prawns, snow peas,  cauliflower rice, garlic and ginger stir-fry and egg plant… It was really good

Tuesday went by really fast, I stayed in bed and couldn't figure out why I was so tired… When we finally took my blood sugar was 50. I slept pretty much all day while Lisa potted some plans for me and straightened up the bathroom. I saw on Facebook that Cassidy finally had her baby, he is adorable! Cooper Jack Bradley born this morning at 1:31am.

Wednesday was a great day, any day that I can get out of this bed and out into the world is a great day. I got up and took Robby for our regular cruise around Santa Cruz. I forgot my Google glass so I don't have any pictures to share, I need to go see new places and take different pictures. Rosa came in and put me to bed, nothing special happened.

Thursday turned out to be a pretty good day. I got up and I was going to take Robby for a quick cruise through the lagoon when my chair started stalling out on me again, some days it doesn't do it all but most days it doesn't so much and usually just get frustrated and go home. I missed my appointment with my psychologist because it just stopped and no matter how many times a turn it off and then back on it still wouldn't move. Of course after I called and canceled my appointment it moved and it really didn't shut down the rest of the day. I took Robby for our regular cruise and then came back to rest for a bit because my battery was running low, usually it shows a fuller charge after I rest for a bit but today it didn't. I took Robby down to get three things done at the vet, distemper, rabies and heartworm… He's got until October. We came back and rested for a bit again and Rosa came in to put me to bed, usually on a Thursday we do some personal care and a bath but Rosa's uncle ended up in the hospital so she wanted to go see him and make sure he's taken care of the way he should be.

Friday was an okay day. I ended up staying in bed because personal care took way too long. Teresa came in shortly after Karen left to give me a nice long hot bath. Teresa went out and looked underneath the Jacuzzi tub and found a button, pressed it and the Jets came right back on… Why didn't I think of this a couple of weeks ago?? At least we got it fixed and next time we will know what to look for. Teresa straightened up a little bit, we don't want to scare the organizer away too much. I was pretty tired and relax from bath so I went right to sleep.

Saturday I should have just stayed in bed. I knew it was going to rain, heck it was all over the news, but it looked so nice in the morning I did not believe them… It rained. I strapped Robby on my arm and went out the door just as it started pouring so I turned around and came back inside. I went back out to take some pictures because I just couldn't believe it but it didn really look gorgeous, I do love the rain! I just relaxed and waited for Teresa and Leslie, the organizer Lady, to get here… I was so excited! We got a lot done in my room and I finally asked her what she charges and I think she could tell by the look on her face that we couldn't believe it and she finished up quickly and left. I always ask before somebody starts working and she said she always lets everybody know before she starts but this time both of us missed it. She's going to come back on Wednesday and help me out with my personal files, they are really a mess and that's where I need her experience the most. Teresa went over to Surfriders Café and got me an ahi tuna salad and it was amazing… Definitely worth getting up for! It was kind of early and I was a little stressed out from the day so I just relax and watch TV.

Saturday I decided to just stay in bed thinking of a plan to get the rest of my house organized, after yesterday Teresa and I decided that it's probably best to have the caregivers organize everything because they more or less know where everything belongs and I'm just going to have to keep on everybody to keep it organized… We can do it. I printed out a bunch of labels and were going to label everything so that should help. I have an idea to get a stackable washer/dryer to put in the entry closet so I can expand the closet in my room to a walk-in closet, the washer and dryer are on the other side of my closet so all we have to do is not down a wall. I'm trying to decide if it's better to help two closets or not to the wall and make it big closet. Am really excited about all the changes and I can't wait to get started. Unfortunately I can only do the thinking part of it so I do have to sit around and think about it and wait until somebody has time to do it, I'm really bad at that. It ended up being really nice outside but when the and cold so I'm glad I stayed in bed. Tomorrow they are bringing my back rests and making a mold for my new cushion. On Wednesday Jack is going to come by and see if he can do some more troubleshooting for my chair, I feel like the end of my frustrations might be near. I talked to Ligia for a little bit today, she is my morning caregiver Karen's other client and she lives in San Mateo. We have been wanting to get together and talk about a few ideas that people how and how to try to go forward with them. One idea involves robotics and making our lives easier and the other involves comparing notes and maybe even writing a helpful pamphlet on finding, hiring, keeping and letting go of caregivers. Maybe some helpful tips for anyone who is differently abled. I would really like to find something to make my life busier, besides cruising around everywhere and taking pictures with Google Glass. Teresa came in and we get some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath.


betty said...

That baby is so adorable :) I like Robbie tucked on his pillow and you looked like you were all bundled up when you were outside, Tammie :) Glad you guys got the rain because I know its needed. That stir fry eggplant sounded delicious!


Anonymous said...

Teresa can come to my house and cook!

I like your rainy pictures.