Thursday, March 13, 2014

Unpredictable weather again…

 Monday was another day spent in bed. I got a massage so that was good but for some reason I just couldn't keep my eyes open. Robby is doing a little bit better but now he has a bladder infection, this has to end soon? I pretty much slept all day, first I can't sleep and then I can't stop sleeping. I can't wait to get my CPAP machine, everyone says I will feel much better.

Tuesday was an awesome day. I didn't want to overdo it with Robby so we just cruised through the lagoon and down to the end of the work and back.  I ran into my friend Christoph, it is always so nice to see him. Of course I forgot my Google glass and everything was just so clear and gorgeous after the rain. I came back and hung out with Kelly and Tom for a little bit, Kelly was grilling off the last of the pizzas from Saturday and they smelled so good. Rosa came in and we did some personal care, learned how to use the glucose machine and I got to take a nice long hot bath. I hope I sleep all night like I have the past few nights.

Wednesday was a really great day. Kelly and I went to a church to do a demonstration for about 40 people who have or have family with Parkinson's. I was doing the demonstration with Allison, luckily I had met her a while before and we get along really well. Her CCI dog Jim was attacked about a year ago in a dog park and unfortunately that's how we met. Jim seems to be doing a lot better than Allison and her husband Tim are really super nice people. I didn't know this until I met them at the Summit Park for dog fest walk and roll when I met him before Allison got her dog in cost-plus and he was asking me questions about having a CCI dog. Everybody at the church was so nice and everything went great. Allison said that she was nervous but she did an awesome job. Hopefully we can start hanging out a little bit more because not only do we get along great but our two CCI dogs had such a blast. I came home and rested for a bit and Rosie came to put me to bed. We were supposed to play cards tonight but I wasn't feeling good, all of the sudden I started getting stomach cramps, so I just went to bed and rested. They played cards across the street.

Thursday was another miserable day. My stomach was cramping and burning the evening before and all day, this is getting really old. We did some more personal care hoping that would help but all it did was make me exhausted so I slept most of the day. Kelly took Robby to the vet so they could see how he's doing, he is doing good but still dragging a little bit. Teresa came by and we started figuring out a diet plan so hopefully I will be feeling better soon. I have been eating the right things but too much at one time, I need to use little meals throughout the day.

Friday over still just really tired but wanted to get up. I got up and cruise Robby through the lagoon, almost down to the lighthouse and back into the end of the wharf and back. I took a bunch of dry River rock pictures but then deleted them so I took some more. I came back and hung out in the driveway for a while and talked to Heather. Xiaona Came by to put me to bed. This was her first time doing it by herself she did an awesome job, she remembered everything. It's a good thing she remembered everything because I was really tired and pretty much slept through the whole procedure. She said that she had asked her dad about a good way to relieve gas and he said to boil some orange peels and then drink it, I hope it works. I ran into Kristoff again today on his way over to Louden Nelson Park to get lunch, I think they give out free meals. I really need to go to some really cool places so I can take some different pictures with my Google glass. I think I'm just then I have to get myself on the bus and go.

Saturday was a really great day. I got up and cruise down to the beauty supply place with Robby and to the AT&T store. When I went to get back in my chair on Monday the end of my phone holder was broken off and my phone kept trying to fall out so I got another one, now I just need to find somebody to put it back on. I bet Lisa can do it, she can do anything. I cruised back and my brother Stanley, his wife Janet and Corinne were here so we went across the street to Tom and Kelly's and hung out for a while. My caregiver came and put me to bed, did some of my laundry and even stitched up a couple of holes in my yoga pants… What a nice surprise. I can't believe I'm getting so lucky with these wonderful caregivers, if they try to quit I will kill them. We had some pot roast, white potatoes, Nepali and pickled red onions that Kelly made for dinner… Needless to say it was fantastic and I had two helpings. Luckily we checked my blood sugar and it was in the normal range. All yeah I had six pieces of popcorn and one raspberry truffle. I feel pretty good, no stomachache or gas pain… Maybe this eating good is not as bad as they say? We all played cribbage and have a lot of fun and I lost a lot of money.

Sunday was another great day. Corinne and I were going to get up and go to a movie, she has seen the movie Frozen about a dozen times but wanted to see it again… I haven't seen it but wanted to. I got up and I was just about ready when I realized that we hadn't set the clocks forward for daylight savings time and we just missed the movie, of course the next one was at 3 PM and my caregiver was supposed to get here at 4 PM. We decided to just go cruising around Santa Cruz and I took some pictures of her and some pictures of a memorial that they made at the police station, it was so beautiful. We cruised down to the wharf and came back and took a nap. My brother, sister-in-law and Corinne are getting to ready to go home, it was a really nice visit. Teresa came in and we did some personal care I got to take a nice long hot bath.

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betty said...

I like the picture of the ship in the sand, Tammie. All were nice to see! Glad to hear the new caregivers are working out good; I do hope they stay with you for a long time! Was nice to hear that Robby is doing a bit better, hope he is over his UTI by now!