Sunday, March 30, 2014

I hope I'm not sick all week…

 Monday morning I woke up and I felt really rotten, my throat and my chest hurt really bad so I decided to get up and go see Dr. Owens before it got too late. Unfortunately Dr. Owens was off that day so I ended up seeing another doctor, he took a look at me and said "let's wait a week and see what happens", are you kidding me? I had to rest several times coming home and I just felt miserable the rest of the day. I was so glad when Rosa came to me to bed that I could just try to sleep it off.

Tuesday I didn't feel much better, I'm really not surprised because the doctor didn't give me anything but luckily I had some Benadryl and some of those spray. Karen came in and we did some personal care and then I just stayed in bed again for the rest of the day. I hope I can get up tomorrow because this sucks.

Wednesday I woke up not feeling any better by the other will be better to try to get up anyway just to get out. I cruised around but had to rest a lot and then when I came home my mom suggested that I go back to the doctor, and this time see my doctor. I called and got an appointment with my doctor at 4 PM, after her last appointment. She told me I had pneumonia and an upper respiratory infection. The doctor that I saw last time gave me some antibiotics but for me to wait for a week, I started taking them this morning. Dr. Owen said to finish taking the antibiotics and she gave me a machine that gives you breathing treatments and told me to do that every 4 to 6 hours. She told me to take the cough medicine that she prescribed for me at night and take Robitussin or Mucinex during the day. This is ridiculous, and are used to being sick this long. I came home and Rosa put me to bed but I fell asleep immediately mobile backup a little while ago and now I can't sleep that I can hear my lungs mumbling.

Thursday was another day stuck in bed. I was supposed to go to the Olive connection with Heather to pick out some more oils and vinegars, I love that stuff. Unfortunately I just wasn't feeling up to it, I hate being sick. We did some personal care in the morning and I couldn't wait for Rosa to come in at night so I can have a nice long hot bath, that makes everything better.

Friday guess what? You guessed it, another day in bed. Karen took the morning off and Teresa was going to come in and get me dressed so I could go to my diabetes class but she was sick and they didn't think we should be around each other so I asked the weekend morning girl and she was going to come in but then checked her schedule and wasn't able to, she had to work at her other job so I ended up rescheduling my second diabetes class and just stayed in bed. My uncle came over to see if we want to play cards later so I said sure, as long as nobody minds being around me when I'm sick. The gang all came over and we played cribbage, Lee was my partner and I ended up winning back the four dollars that I lost.

Saturday was a great day. I got up and took lobby for a nice long cruise through the neighborhoods of by the ocean to get some yard ideas for my front yard, it's so cool cruising up through there enablers are so beautiful and creative. I have found so many great ideas for my front yard cruising around up there. I came back and rested for a bit and then went to see the Derby girls with Teresa, Jess and Alex. I'm starting to get it more and more and I love it. Dr. Owens came over to say hello and see how I was doing, she was always so nice and caring. I was excited about seeing the derby girls but I felt a little strange all day, I kept thinking it was because I still wasn't feeling 100% or because of the diabetes and brushed it off… I always know I shouldn't do that but I do. I came home and me and my chair were soaked with urine, there must've been a kink in my hose and that's why I was feeling weird. We washed and disinfected everything so refreshed by Monday.

Sunday I woke up and my chest was hurting a little bit is getting harder to cough anything up so I decided to stay in bed and try some Mucinex, I heard it was really good but I didn't know if it broke the mucus down or made you cough up more so I looked it up on Amazon and check the reviews. Apparently it makes the mucus thinner and easier to cough up by even need to drink a ton of water so as I'm doing today and so far I think it's working. Lisa came in and fed Robby and I, disinfected my chair and my brace again just to make sure and fixed me a snack for later.

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betty said...

Sorry to hear you've been sick, Tammie. It doesn't help that the weather keeps bouncing back and forth between cold and hot too. I hope you are completely better soon. I know my husband has used Mucinex before and he likes how it helps thin things and makes coughing more productive for him.