Sunday, March 16, 2014

I think it's going to be a really hot summer…

 Monday was another amazing day, the weather is just perfect. Susan came over and gave me a very much needed massage, I always just want to stay in bed and relax after that but it was so beautiful after that I got up. Robby and I went for a cruise, our usual cruise, and again I didn't even want to come home but alas… Rosa came in and put me to bed, I had a really bad headache in just my left eye. It was annoying just because it was a constant, it would hurt for a couple of minutes and then it would stop. I took a lorazepam thinking maybe it's just stress or nerves and slept the rest of the evening.

Tuesday was another perfect day. I got up and decided to take my Google glass and go up through the neighborhoods by Westcliff Drive and take pictures of the front yards for inspiration, they are so beautiful up there. I just love wandering around and looking in all the beautiful houses and all the beautiful yards.  I also found a little park, it was just a cute little park, I went inside to take pictures and there was a couple of people there and they asked me if I wanted to check out the community garden on the other side of the park. I said no thank you and started to leave and then thought to myself "I really would like to see it" so I turned around and the guy opened up the gate for me and I couldn't believe it. It was so big and so beautiful. The lady that was there told me that it's just a great community garden where anyone can come and plant fruit and vegetables and then come back and just pick them as they please. Everything looks so hardy. I came home and rested for a while and then roast it came to put me to bed, another headache today. It's just around my left eye and above and I don't know what to do except hopefully go to sleep. Rosa came in for me to bed and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath, which didn't help my headache but it sure was nice.

I woke up Wednesday morning about 4 AM with the same headache, I stretched my neck thinking that maybe something would pop and my headache will go away but it didn't work. When Karen came in at 7 AM we took my blood sugar and it was a little high which immediately sent me into a panic attack, I can't wait for those diabetes classes so I know what's going on in my body better. I ate and then took my medicine and I'm still feeling anxious so I took another lorazepam, I really don't want to start depending on them but when they need them they sure are nice. Needless to say I didn't get up and still have my headache throughout the day. Maybe it's because I need glasses? Maybe I'm just nervous because of the diabetes? Maybe I'm just stressed out because of everything? I hope I figure it out soon. I slept on and off most of the day and most of the night, at least I'm getting some sleep. I really wanted to go to the farmers market and get some stuff for salads but again I should wait and see with the dietitian says tomorrow.

Thursday was a really good day, it's just turning out to be a great week. Susan, the lady that does my massages on Monday, messaged me on Facebook and told me that she was going on a field trip with her youngest son to Neary Lagoon and asking if I would like to meet her there. I told her yes and then she messaged me back and asked me if I wanted to do a demonstration of what Robby does for me for the kids so I said sure. I met them down there and the kids were just amazed and thrilled at what Robby can do for me. I often see groups of kids down there and it was pretty cool to do a demonstration for them. I told them whenever they wanted a demonstration for their class to just let me know and I would be glad to either do it there at the lagoon or in the classroom. I came back home and rested for a bit and then went downtown to get my new glasses, I got a call this morning saying that they were in. I really like them, until I looked in the mirror and got a closer look at myself, so I came back home and decided I was going to find out if I could get prescription sunglasses… Maybe even just have the lenses put in my existing sunglasses. I came back home and worked with Robby for a while and then came in and rested and watch TV.  Teresa came in and we did some personal care and I got a nice long hot bath.

Friday was a little bit cold. I got up and cruise down to my first diabetes class at Dominican Hospital on Frederick Street. I left here about 9:15 AM and I got there just in time for the class, it started at 9:45 AM. It was two hours and it was very informative and I hope I can remember everything, Teresa met me down there so she could help me out. About an hour into the lecture I think somebody turned on the air conditioner because I could feel it in my neck and shoulders, note to self next time I am bringing my electric throw. By the time of meeting was over my neck, shoulders and arms were so fatigued that I had to pull over four or five times to lay back and try to relax. I finally made it home and just laid out in the sun and try to warm up. I think because I haven't been sleeping very good, all the stress and frustration with becoming a new diabetic is just getting to me. I know I need to just walk up and deal with it… That's what everybody tells me that it's not as easy as you think sometimes. Shauna came in to put me to bed and the rest of the night she heated up my rice bag in the microwave and put it behind my neck and shoulders, that felt really good. I started to relax and I was asleep before she left.

Saturday I struggled with the decision of getting out or staying in bed, if it was another day like yesterday I would just rather stay in bed but if it's going to be nice I would like to get out and get out of here. I decided to stay in bed and of course it was a really nice day. Lisa came in and got Robby and I something to eat, gave Robby a bath and did a bunch of other stuff that needed to be done. Heather came over to read me some facts about being a diabetic that she found online, it really helped a lot. I'm really lucky to have Heather because she knows about portions and what all the different kind of foods are called and their categories PLUS she is so willing to help. She said that I could send a message to Mariposa if I have any questions, she is also very knowledgeable about health and nutrition and she's an acupuncturist, not only is she an acupuncturist but she teaches it is. I always wanted to try it and I guess there's no time like the present? My aunt and uncle came over to see if I was up for playing cards later on, of course. Well handed up playing a couple of games because my uncle and aunt were exhausted, good thing because I lost both games.

Sunday looked beautiful outside, unfortunately I was stuck in bed again. Teresa was really sick last night so I texted Rosen to see if she can come in and she didn't answer me until this afternoon at noon, I don't want to get up and then don't have anybody to come and put me to bed. Lisa came in and as usual got a lot of stuff done, I like the way that she just wanders around and find stuff to do after she asks me if she's done all that I need. Rosa came in and got me something to eat, which is personal care and then I got to take a nice long hot bath. Sundays are great because I get a nice long hot bath and then on Monday morning I get a nice two hour massage. I am a little antsy, as Robby is, so I can't wait to get out of here tomorrow and hang out in the beautiful weather. My uncle and aunt cook some corned beef and cabbage, carrots and pearl onions and brought me over a plate along with a solid. I can't wait to devour that tomorrow.

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betty said...

I like the idea of the community garden, Tammie. Glad you got to check it out. I bet with time you'll get it all down with what you need to do for your diabetes to keep your blood sugar under control. That was neat you did the demonstration with Robby for the kids; I'm sure they learned a lot adn appreciated it!