Sunday, February 9, 2014

Now the weather starting to get cold, it looks like were going to get our much-needed rain…

 Monday was another marathon personal care day so needless to say I ended up staying in bed again. I really need to start eating better again so I promised myself I would stay away from coffee, dairy and beans. I like the mixed beans for my salad and I also like to put feta cheese but am going to stop doing that for a while and see if it makes a difference. They canceled Susan, my massage therapist, so I really need a massage.

Tuesday was a pretty good day, we did end up doing more personal care but at least I got to get up and get out for a while. I cruised Robby through the lagoon, down West Cliff to the surf Museum, to the end of the boardwalk and back at home and of course my battery was dead again. It was cold so I was looking forward to getting back and turning the heater up on my home automation system is not working. I called my brother and he tried to do what he could to but we unplug the router which change the IP address on everything to an older router so now he has to redirect everything so I guess I will be without my home automation system for a couple of days, when do I miss it when it's not working. Rosa came and put me to bed and I have some pork loin roast, mushrooms, guacamole and chips and a salad with no beans or cheese. I listen to music the rest of the night and eventually fell asleep.

Wednesday was another day of staying in bed and doing personal care for most of the day. I wanted to get up and go to the farmers market but I guess it's not going to happen.

Thursday was the same as it has been, personal care all day. I have an appointment with my doctor in a week or so and hopefully we can figure something out because this is ridiculous. By the end of the afternoon I'm just exhausted and then it seems to be more of it the next day. It was raining and cold all day outside so staying inside and warm is a good idea. There is a couple of really good movies on pay-per-view so I'm trying to catch up on them. I started watching Bad Grandpa the other day but Lexi and Seth came in and they had already seen it so instead we watched Cloudy with a chance of meatballs two. Right now I'm watching Dallas Buyers Club, great movie, and after this I'll watch Bad Grandpa before it expires. I had to turn it up so I could hear it over Robby's loud snoring, I hope he's having a good dream.

Friday was a great day. It wasn't too cold but it was raining but still a great day when you're up and out and about. I was going to go downtown to pick out my new glasses, I got a prescription to see the eye doctor a month or two ago that I just need to go do it. Unfortunately it was raining so Robby and I made it through the lagoon, to depot Park and back, we're going to do it again but the rain did not let up so we just hung out and watched TV. Teresa came in to give me a nice long hot bath and put me to bed. I hope it's nice tomorrow.

Saturday wasn't really nice at all. We really need the rain and I love to see it, I wish I could keep my door open at night and just listen to it but there's too many little creatures out there that would probably wander into my house. I got up and tried to take Robby for a cruise couple of times but the rain just would not let up, I did take them down to the lagoon a couple times. My evening caregiver called in sick right before her shift was to start so I called Teresa and she came back over, she had just left a couple of hours earlier to go home. She came over and did some filing in case Lisa needed some help, Lisa is doing great. My uncle and aunt, Lee and Claudia and my mom and I played cribbage and I lost three dollars. The little girls came over with my aunt and they hung out with us and watched Cloudy with a chance of meatballs two.

Sunday was another frustrating day, another day stuck in bed. Lisa came in and found Robby and I and we did get some stuff done that needed to be done. Rosa came in but she still had a headache so she ended up going home, it's a good thing I stayed in bed that means no personal care or bath. It's so frustrating because we were looking for one good person and finally got resumes for three but I still end up staying in bed. It should have been a relaxing day but it really wasn't. Hopefully next week will be a good week.

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betty said...

I do hope this week is a better one, Tammie. Our weather is supposed to warm up, maybe yours will do the same and you'll be able to get out and about I saw Bad Grandpa a week or so ago, I thought it was kind of cure :)