Sunday, September 22, 2013

A month of CCI events…

Monday was a pretty good day. I changed my massages from Friday to Monday, Monday just seems like a better day. After my massage got dressed and got up and went to Costco with Kelly to get supplies for the next three days, we are going to do a juice cleanse. After we came back we hung out on the porch for a while with Tom and uncle Dick, it felt so great to be out on my new porch. I took Robby for a cruise through the lagoon, through the lagoon Park, to the end of the wharf and home. Rosa came and put me to bed, I am excited about the juice detox.

Tuesday was a really good day, the first day of my juice cleanse. We are having two green drinks, two fruit drinks and a nut milk drink at the end of the day. I hear about them all the time and I always wanted to try one so I'm ready. After I go to I took Robbie for really long Cruz, our regular cruise around Santa Cruz. We came home and rested for a while and then headed back down to Hanger prosthetics, I just took a long cruise and forgot we had to go down there, Luckily Teresa met us with the van because Robbie was really tired and the battery on my chair was really low. Tom added more velcro to the front of my face because it wasn't sticking very well. Normally we would stop at Charlie Hong Kong's and get some noodles to bring but since I'm on the juice detox that wasn't going to happen. We came home and Teresa put me to bed.

Wednesday was another good day. I took Robby for really long cruise around the wharf then came home and rest for a while.  I took Robby over to Westside animal hospital for his annual checkup, I got a form from CCI saying that it was time. Robby is always a big hit at the vet and he got a clean bill of health. Normally we would go to the farmers market but there's too much tempting food around so we will wait until next week. I don't feel weak or dizzy or anything, actually I feel pretty good. We came home and rest for a while and then Rosa came to put me to bed. My uncle, Kelly, my mom and I played cribbage and I think I lost five dollars.

Thursday the weather was perfect. I got up and went to the movies with Tom and Kelly to see the family, I really enjoyed it. We came home and Teresa came by to put me to bed. We did some personal care, shaving, zapping… The best part was at the end of all of it I got a nice long hot bath, it felt great.

Friday was a great day and the weather was beautiful. My first day back eating after three days and I'm surprisingly not very hungry. I had some oatmeal for breakfast and that filled me up, two tacos for lunch and two tacos some mashed potatoes and avocados for dinner. I took Robby for really long cruise through the lagoon, to the lighthouse and back, to the boardwalk in back and then to the wharf and back home to rest for a while. They are all finished out back with Robby's new dog run, it looks great and he loves it. He kept rolling around and running and playing, it was so cute… I'm so glad it is still clean. Rosa put me to bed and I just relaxed the rest of the evening.

Saturday was such a great day, I have been waiting for this for long time. I got up and Teresa brought egg and bacon bagels from the bakery as well as coffee, it tasted so good. We headed out for the CCI DogFest Walk ‘n Roll 2013 and of course I took my Google glass so I could get some really good pictures. We got there and the place was packed, and really nice site to see. I ran into some people I knew and got to meet some people that I met online. We visited for a while, got Robby's toenails done and his teeth brushed and then it started to really rain, I couldn't believe it was going to rain on this day. My occupational therapist from when I was in the Independent living Center showed up, I haven't seen her for 10 years or more so it was really great to see her. She has three sons now and they made a big poster that said team Robby, They were all so sweet. We got to see James, Robby's trainer, and Lauren, one of the other team trainers… It was really great to see them both. I hope to get more pictures of James and Robby but everything went by too fast and then it started pouring rain so we just left. We had plans to go to Mountain View to a Ramen noodle place that we found a while back but the traffic was so bad we decided to just turn around and come home. On the way we decided to stop at Charlie Hong Kong's and get some noodles, we had noodles on the brain. Teresa put me to bed and it was still early so I was able to relax the rest of the evening, it felt great.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. I decided to stay in bed and relax for the day. Karen came in and we did some personal care and I got to have a nice long hot bath, now I will be fresh and ready for next week. I watched a couple of movies on lifetime that I had recorded, I go through every once in a while and record the ones that I haven't yet seen and watch them when I have a day off.

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betty said...

That Dog Fest looked nice, Tammie; sorry the weather didn't cooperate for it. Godo for you for doing that juice cleanse for a few days; I hear its supposed to be good for one to do, but have never been brave enough to give up food for those 3 days :)