Sunday, March 31, 2013

Learning to use my right hand all over again…

Monday was a really great day. I don't usually sleep very well but the last couple of nights I have slept great. I woke up this morning at 8 AM and my massage therapist was here about 8:25 AM. The massage felt so good I think I slept all the way through it, I remember her saying goodbye and leaving. I had breakfast and some surprise personal-care so I didn't get to rest much in the afternoon before Rosa got here at 4 PM. I had an awesome nice long hot bath, first one without my cast. I went to bed and was so relaxed but wide awake, it looks like my sleeping streak is over. The brace that they made before my arm they said I needed to use when I sleep and when I drive my chair so I pretty much have it on all the time. I took it off for my bath and my wrist is really weak, I'm supposed to practice by picking up cotton balls or gauze, I practiced a lot in the tub but I can tell he need a lot more. Otis came and cut down the tree behind my pond, the tree was growing straight up instead of out so the branches kept falling off. Eventually he is going to redo that whole area and put different plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds, it is going to be gorgeous.

Tuesday was another great day. I got up and went to the beauty shop to have my hair touched up, I had it done three weeks ago in the gray is already showing. I was going to start my exercise program but I guess that will have to wait until Thursday. Robbie and I took a cruise through the Boardwalk, down to the end of the wharf and back, through the lagoon and home. The beauty shop where I get my hair done is right above the Boardwalk so we did it backwards this time. We came home and rested for a while and Rosa came to put me to bed and do some personal Care, I like it so much better doing it at night. For dinner I had some fish, some beets, some asparagus and half of a quesadilla… I probably need to quit eating quesadillas but they are so good.

Wednesday didn't quite turn out like I had hoped. I got dressed and got already to get up and my lift was dead, it seems like you have to dock it just right where it doesn't charge. Sometimes you can wait a half hour or an hour and it will be charged enough but it just wouldn't keep charging, another call to Bill I guess. I tried to get some rest but that wasn't going to happen, I had some coffee. I just seemed to be frustrated at everything the whole day. Lee and Claudia, my uncle and aunt and my mom and I played cribbage… The was my partner and we won three dollars, that helped a little bit. I just haven't had much of an appetite lately but I have been craving quesadillas, I don't eat a lot of cheese or even dairy for that matter so I think it might be messing with my stomach. I hate getting old and finding out you can't just eat what you want anymore, when I was younger I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain any weight but I never had an appetite and now I want everything that's bad for me but I just can't. Think goodness I have Heather to cook really awesome food for me, that helps a lot with my bad cravings.

Thursday was a great day. I got up and got dressed just in time for Bob to bring my new furniture for the living room, I got a table to go under the Mayor in my hallway and a coffee table, the coffee table matches the two end tables in the dining room table she made before, he does such an awesome job. Robby and I went for a cruise through the lagoon, up to Westcliff Dr. and down to the surf Museum and back, down to the end of the wharf and back and home. The weather was perfect and there wasn't a lot of people out and about, I figured there would be because it's the last couple days of spring break. I got back and Teresa came by and waxed my face and put me to bed. For lunch I had an almond butter apricot jam sandwich and some chicken and waffle potato chips, I wasn't impressed with the potato chips at all. I actually wanted to try the garlic bread potato chips but they were all out, maybe next time.

Friday was massaged day so always a good day. I was going to try to get up because it's going to be 80° outside but I wasn't able to. I think I'm still having stomach problems from eating too much cheese, it's a shame because I just love cheese. I got to rest for a couple of hours after Karen left and before Teresa got here.Teresa got here and we did some personal care and then I got to take a nice long hot bath, it felt so great. I got this new coffee/cocoa scrub and the smell was amazing. I found these products that are all natural and vegan and I just really like them. The coffee scrub smelled so good and it made me crave some coffee so I hope I can sleep tonight. It's supposed to rain all weekend but am going to get up and give it a try, I hope it's nice to at least part of the day.

Saturday I was already to get up and go for a long cruise… It never happened. When Adriana went to try the lift it didn't work. After she left I thought about checking something else before I call the guy to come out and fix it on Easter weekend. There's an emergency stop cord and everybody keeps hanging the remote on it, if you pull it nothing will work. Of course that's what was wrong with it and all you have to do is push the button back, I wish I would've thought about that before. I had a nice relaxing day and watched a couple of movies on lifetime movie network.

Sunday was an awesome day. It was supposed to rain but the sun was out most of the day. Robby and I cruised to the lagoon, to depot Park and back several times because I was expecting company and I didn't want to miss them. Charlie and Terri came by to visit for a while, it was so great to see them  catch up a little… It's never long enough. Heather came by with her new girlfriend to cook me dinner, she grilled prawns, eggplant at a portobello mushroom… Of course it was an awesome Easter dinner. Mariposa, Heather's girlfriend does acupuncture… I have wanted to try it for a long time AND she does house calls so what have I got to lose? Rosa came and brought me some tacos that she made, she is such a good cook. I asked her to bring me an Easter egg and she did, they didn't get around to dying them but they were hard-boiled. She also brought me some cupcakes that her daughter made, they were also really good. I ate a lot today, way more than I usually do but it's Easter so what the heck? Rosa put me to bed and we did some personal care and I watched a couple more movies that I TiVoed from lifetime movie network.

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That corgi :) said...

I bet with time and practice, you'll be using your right hand again, Tammie. I'm sure the therapy they recommend will help a lot with it! Sounds like you had a nice Easter too! We had beautiful weather down here which was nice for the Easter egg hunt at church :_