Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week number 3 with this cast on, I'm getting a little cranky…

Monday it looked beautiful outside, unfortunately I was stuck in bed inside again. My morning caregiver during the week got really sick over the weekend and didn't feel it was a good idea to come in, good for her but it sucks. Luckily one of my evening caregivers was here when I got the message and she not only volunteered to come in but to bring me chorizo to make me breakfast burritos… how cool is that?? Susan came by and gave me a massage, much-needed after lugging this cast around for 2 weeks… it sure seems longer. We did personal-care and much to my surprise it was another blowout, I didn't sleep the night before and I thought it was because I took a pain pill but now I'm thinking not. Anyway no matter what I'm done with those pain pills. My uncle came over and catch some holes in my wall, I guess he got tired of looking at them while we were playing cribbage… he did a great job. Now I just need to get the walls repainted. I must've been sleeping really good because I woke up and looked at the clock and it said 9:30 AM but I was wondering why nobody was here yet, my caregiver is supposed to be here at 7 AM, I looked at the clock again and it says 9:30 PM… I hope I can go back to sleep. Bill came by and of course with this couple of strokes of his rubber hammer he fixed my lift so it can be used again, I don't even know if he knows how he did it but as long as he did it. I'm so thankful that he just lives about 10 min. away and that he is so sweet and understanding. My uncle came by and asked me if I wanted spaghetti and part of a baguette, I would never say no to that and it was delicious.I almost forgot… I have been looking for some redwood rounds to use outside as tables, I think they are just gorgeous. Otis messaged me and he said that he had some pine rounds that looked really good and would I like to try a couple of those, he sent pictures and I took one look and said yes… they were absolutely gorgeous. I could see in the surveillance cameras that he and a friend dropped one off today so I had Rosa go out and take pictures… I am speechless. It is so gorgeous.

I finally found somebody who sold Girl Scout cookies, it's getting harder and harder every year to find someone. I even printed out a map where they're selling them in my area, I feel like a stalker. I bought 4 boxes and after eating all whole row I decided this just wasn't going to be enough so I ordered a more boxes. I love to stick them in the freezer and enjoy them all year. Somebody told me that they were as addicting as drugs but I disagree… drugs you can buy all year round, it just isn't fair. Of course right after I ordered all of these cookies I see them selling them on the corner right before you enter the wharf.

Tuesday was a really beautiful day. I got up and went to take Robby for a really long cruise, it feels great to be out. The weather was so nice and everybody was so grateful to be out on this beautiful day, I think I must've said hi to everybody. Unfortunately the rubber pad that I have on my cast to drive came loose and I had a really fun time getting home BUT I made it. Luckily Karen was still here so she fixed it for me and I was getting ready to take off again, I looked at clock on my chair and said 2:30 PM. I told Karen I have time for another cruise and she reminded me that because of daylight savings time it was actually 3:30 PM and Teresa was going be here at 4 PM, good thing she said that or I wouldn't have been back until 5 PM… I still don't get the point of daylight savings time? Teresa came in to give me a nice long hot bath and of course the lift wouldn't work, I just had it fixed the other day. She pushed buttons and jiggled it around and finally got it to go through, yay Teresa. I went to bed and could barely keep my eyes open, I love that feeling. For breakfast I had a chorizo and egg burrito and for dinner I had sausage and garbanzo bean soup.

Wednesday was yet another day stuck in bed. Karen messaged me in the morning and said that she just wasn't feeling good and wasn't able to come in, yesterday was probably too much for her. This is a really nasty flu that's going around and I think you just have to take time to rest. My mom was going out to breakfast with Helen so she brought me back and avocado and bacon omelette, hashbrowns and English muffin. Adriana came by at 4 because Rosa fell at work and was at home resting, thank God that she's okay and she just needs a couple of days rest. What is going on around here?? It is another beautiful day outside of course. My uncle and aunt brought over some corned beef, cabbage, red potato and carrots and Lee and Claudia Roth over a salad and some apple pie… and of course ice cream. Everything was so delicious and then we played cribbage.

Thursday was a great day but it was a little colder than I thought it would be. I decided to brave Westcliff with my boxing glove cast and I did really good, and made it all the way down to the 2nd dog beach and then we went to the wharf and decided it was too cold so we came back home. Teresa came to put me to bed and we did some personal care. She brought me over some chicken curry and coconut soup, it was really good. She also got some rice that she bought at Costco that you put in the microwave and it really tasted good, I will have to get some of that next time I go. Personal care took really long time and we were both really tired and it was getting late so we decided to wait and do the bath on Friday.

Friday was a really good day, the weather was perfect and it wasn't a lot of people so we had a good cruise. We cruised through the lagoon and down Westcliff again, it was so easy yesterday. I came home and rested for a while and then Teresa came by and we parted a couple of plants, I love this time of year when we start repotting and everything looks great… I just love my yard. I got a nice long hot bath, that sure felt great. I think tomorrow's going to be even warmer, I hope so. I am finally going to Costco and I'm so excited, do I want a hot dog and chicken bake?

Saturday turned out to be a really good day. I got a lot of errands done, I love when that happens. I got up and Adriana took me over to Costco, I had a couple of records checks from them so I wanted to use them before they expired. Jeremy from a brighter world called and said that he had some more of my shirts that he tie-dyed for me. They had a sale on the handcuffs shirts that I like, they're usually $20 but they went on sale for $5 so I bought a couple hundred of them. The only problem is they only come in white and I do not have good luck with white, for a short period of time they had blue, pink and green. They cover almost your whole hand and they have thumb holes, I like them because the seams don't get twisted around. I think Jeremy has probably tie-dyed about 20 to 30 and he's not tired of doing it yet so I keep bringing him 5 or 6 each time. Jeremy really knows what he's doing and they all look amazing. I came home and rested for about 15 or 20 min. and then took Robby for cruise through the lagoon, the weather was beautiful. Rosa came and put me to bed and I just relaxed for the rest of the evening. Lexi and Seth came by with some of Lexi's friends. They'll go motorcycle riding together and I have heard a lot about them so was nice to finally meet them, they all live in the mountains around Summit Road. Rich came by and got them and drove them all home, he looked exhausted after running them around all day.

Sunday I ended up staying in bed. I wasn't going to because it looked like it was going to be another nice day but they had some kind of lady's cancer run and is crowded enough around here during the weekends. Adriana came in and went up to the lighthouse point to see if she could get me a T-shirt… and take Robby for a cruise.I ended up sleeping most of the day, I wish I could sleep at night as well as I can in the morning. Rosa came to get Robby and I something to eat and do some personal care. For breakfast I had chicken adobo, eggplant and asparagus and for dinner I had a salad and some killer soup that Teresa made… for dessert I had some cottage cheese with bananas blueberries. No corn beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day but we had some last Wednesday and it was really good.

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That corgi :) said...

how cute about the Girl Scout cookies, Tammie. It seems like all the grocery stores here will have a table outside with the girls selling them during their season. I'm betting you are counting down the hours until your cast comes off indeed!