Monday, March 4, 2013

The 1st week of wearing a cast…

 Monday I was starting to feel better and I got rid of a lot of the gas and bloating caused by the anesthesia, that felt great. Heather came by and since I was stuck in bed again decided to cheer me up and make me a killer dinner, what a great pick me up. She made scallops and prawns with capers and lemon and asparagus. Rosa came by to give me a nice long hot bath and when I got into bed we noticed blood in my urine, I sure hope that's nothing… we will see what happens in the morning. Otis came by earlier and brought a couple of his dogs to maybe expend some energy with Robby Robby didn't seem to want anything to do with them, he played with Karen for a while with his paper brush I wasn't interested in dogs. I can't wait to tomorrow to get back up in my chair again and work with him to see what is going on, I miss cruising around with my little buddy.

Tuesday turned out to be a really good day. I was kind of worried and stressed in the morning because I have a dentist appointment about 5 miles away, I thought that I could do it but the closer it got the more I realized it would be really rough. Karen finally said “just cancel and they will understand” so I did and they did… that was a huge relief. I went and visited with my uncle for a while and then took Robby on a cruise through the lagoon and through Depot Park and back, my arm was already getting exhausted from trying to drive without big heavy cast. I came back and rested for a while and visited with my mom and my aunt and then decided to take Robby for a cruise again. My aunt had said that she was going to clean up and replant her garden for this summer so I stopped by to see what she was planning but she was at the nursery so I came back home to rest for a while again. Teresa came and brought some pad Thai noodles with garlic tofu and prawns from Hong Kong Charlie's, awesome food and really good for you… all natural. I ate and then went to bed, by this time I was exhausted and felt like my arm was going to rip and fall off my body. Louise came by and said that she was just getting so busy at work that she wasn't going to be able to help me out anymore with my accounting. Very weird timing because Teresa and I were just talking about how we could do it no problem so we did it no problem.

Wednesday was another great day. Getting used to driving with his cast is not as bad as I thought it would be. Robby and I cruise through the lagoon, to the end of the wharf and back, to the end of the boardwalk and home. I got a lot of weird stares and questions but how often do you see somebody driving a wheelchair with a boxing glove cast, I'm sure looked pretty weird. Robby wasn't nervous at all, he was just happy to be out and about. The weather was beautiful and I know it's only been since Thursday but I really miss looking at the ocean. I still think I live in the most beautiful places in the world. I came home and rested for a while and then Rosa came and put me to bed. My uncle and aunt came over and we played about 4 games of cribbage, my aunt was my partner and everybody broke even. I saw a commercial for these really cool Google glasses, everything is voice command. You can take pictures, post stuff… I can't remember everything that it does but I'm really excited waiting for them to come out for the public to buy. I have been trying to think of the way that I can take pictures, and also takes movies, while I am out and about and these are PERFECT.

Thursday didn't turn out to be such a good day. For some reason my stomach was extremely bloated and I just felt miserable. We did some personal care and I felt better but then it was too late to get up in my arm was really throbbing for some reason so I just decided to stay in bed. It looked like it was just beautiful outside but is supposed to be even warmer tomorrow so hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. Heather came by and cooked a bunch more stuff, it smelled so wonderful and I was so hungry so when I finally did eat it tasted great. I picked a couple of movies on pay-per-view to watch later and I watched one called Girls against Boys, it wasn't really what I expected but I didn't hate it, it definitely kept my attention. I slept on and off most of the day so here it is 1:00 AM and I am wide awake, I guess I'll watch another movie. I also watched catfish the movie, I try to watch it all the way to the end of a couple of times but fell asleep… this time I watched it all the way till the end so I could finally delete it. Apparently my aunt and now again my mom are really sick so I hope I don't catch that. My brother, his wife and their daughter came down and said that although the daughter was coughing it was just allergies, right before they left we found out it wasn't just allergies… they do this every time they come down here. So I guess it's back on the airborne, Halo and just basically trying to stay away from everybody so I don't get sick again. I don't know what's wrong with people, maybe because they have a better immune system?

Friday was pretty much a typical Friday. Susan came by and gave me a massage and I ended up staying in bed, I wanted to get up but it just didn't happen. I bought some new furniture for my bathroom and Karen has been putting it together, so far I really like it except for the color… it's quite but I would like to see if I could maybe have it painted a sage color. The furniture that I have been there is probably about six years old and the shelves are wicker and starting to sag.

Saturday was both a good day and a bad day. It was a good day because Robby and I got to go for a cruise and the weather was cold. It was a bad day because when we got down to the wharf my headrest hit me on the back of the shoulders, I was afraid it was going to fall off and I wasn't going to be able to pick it up. I made it back and I saw my uncle in his driveway so we cruised over to see if he could help us out, of course he could… I think my uncle can do anything. My morning caregiver had taken it off that morning so we could wash my hair and she couldn't figure out how to put it back on and somehow it got all twisted around. I had to come back anyway because we forgot to hook up my camel pack with tea. I came back home to rest for a while and we were going to go back out again but my arms started throbbing, I don't think it should be in this much pain this for a long period. I do use my right arm a lot and I haven't really thought about holding it down since the surgery, maybe I should have asked? Rosa came and put me to bed and my uncle came over to play cribbage with my mom and I, I made $3 and skunked everybody. I'm so glad to be getting back to normal and eating Heather's cooking again, my body feels much better.

Sunday turned out to be a great day. When I woke up this morning it looked like it had been raining outside and it was overcast so I really debated whether I should even get up or not. I looked over at Robby and immediately knew I should, I'm so glad that I did. We cruised the lagoon, to the end of the wharf and back and down to the boardwalk and back a couple of times, there wasn't as many people as I thought there would be. On my way to the wharf I ran into Alexia and Seth, I haven't seen them for a while and it was great to see them. They were on their way back to meet Dad to go home. The rest of the afternoon I just relaxed and watched some episodes of Snapped.

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That corgi :) said...

Robbie is so cute sleeping like he does; you would think it would be uncomfortable though!! Hoping you are getting more used to your cast as each day goes on that you wear it! Then it will be time for it to come off and you'll have to get used to not wearing one :)