Sunday, September 30, 2012

I will be back to normal soon…

 Monday I decided to get up and cruise around for a while. I found a hood to cover this apparatus that they have to put on my head. I did my exercises and then cruised around on our regular cruise, it's so nice during the week  when there are so many people. The lady that cleans my house suggested her husband for some of the maintenance stuff that I need to do around here so Karen and I met with him at 3 PM. He seemed like he knew what he was doing and I gave him the list of stuff I need done and he didn't run away screaming so hopefully it will work out.

Tuesday was not a good day. I started feeling pain really bad  where they did the Lycos suction. I'm used to taking pain medication just because it's prescribed to me and I don't want my body to go into shock, usually I don't feel anything. Under my job started hurting really bad so I broke down and took a pill and of course I felt better for the rest of the day. Around 7 PM I started feeling the pain again and it just got worse so I took another pill, a couple hours later and it was getting really bad so I took another one and I finally started to feel better. I wish I could have all my procedures done where I can feel it. Susan came over this morning and gave me a massage, that felt great. For breakfast I had some pinwheels that Heather made and some eggplant. For dinner I had some mushroom noodles with mushrooms that Kelly made. A magazine is giving her a 10 page spread for her cooking, how cool is that? She deserves it so much and I can't wait for it to come out so I can see it. She also made this really delicious chocolate and orange tart… it must be the pain pills. The noodles and mushrooms were awesome and I can't wait to have some more that.

Wednesday was just another day of the same old thing, I will be so glad when this is over. For breakfast I had chicken adobo and greens, for lunch I had mushroom noodles with mushrooms and some more of that delicious tart… I wish I could remember what it was. For dinner I had chicken adobo and brussels sprouts. Luckily it was cold all day so I didn't miss much.
 Thursday was just another day of staying in bed and avoiding pain. I liked the breast reconstruction surgery way better because I didn't feel anything. Because I do feel my chin and throat it seems like it is hypersensitive.  It itches and when I go to scratch it it hurts but I guess that's normal and I will get over it.

Friday was an awesome day. I got to get up and get out of this bed and I was so excited, I'm sure that Robby was also. I had my postop appointment with Dr. Piro so we decided to go have Ramen noodles before our appointment. We keep seeing this place every time we go by to the doctor and we keep threatening to stop but this time we did, the noodles were amazing. I had sweetcorn Ramen noodles and Teresa had miso Ramen noodles. We also had potstickers and they were also awesome. The doctor said that there is a lump in the middle of my throat that we have to massage for a couple of days and if it doesn't go down we have to go back and see him. It just needs to be broken up a little bit because I m Iny neck down too much. I hope it's not going to be a problem but if it is he will fix it. It was just so nice to get out and although we didn't get the news that we wanted it was still good.

 Saturday was another great day. I got up and did my exercises and took Robby for a nice long cruise. The weekends around here are pretty crazy and there was a lot going on but it is good experience for Robby. They had some kind of cheerleader competition going on on the stage on the beach and a lot of little cheerleaders running around. When Karen got here Tom took her and I to a much-needed trip to Costco, it has been a really long time and I was almost out of a lot of stuff. Of course I got a chicken bake, I love those things. I was really happy to get back home and go to bed, I was exhausted and freezing. I didn't even hear Karen leave because my head was under the covers and I was out.

Sunday turned out to be a really relaxing day. Teresa came in but wasn't feeling good so she fed Robby and then went back home. Last night Kelly made some custard French toast and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight so that's what we had for breakfast, it was awesome. After breakfast I fell asleep and I pretty much slept all day until Karen came in at 2 PM and I think I even slept while she did my personal care, I haven't slept this much in a long time and I hope I can sleep tonight. Alexia came over to visit for a while and Heather came over to take Robby out for a little cruise.  Heather said that I should be glad I didn't get up because it was 95° outside and everybody was coming over to Santa Cruz to get away from the San Jose heat. I watched a movie called Rio, I think I have seen them before but it was really cute. For dinner I had some chicken adobo,  some other kind of chicken with the killer green sauce, some eggplant and some broccoli. I tried to eat broccoli because I know it's really good for you but the only way I can eat it is with a ton of mayonnaise on it and I know that's not good. It's really quiet and relaxing right now and it feels great. I hope tomorrow is not as hot as it was today.

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That corgi :) said...

It has been out down here too, Tammie, so I think you guys are sending your heat our way

Sorry you had the pain earlier in the week, glad to hear you are getting a bit of a respite from it later as the week progressed so you could get out and get some errands done and spend some time with Robbie