Sunday, September 9, 2012

I think I'm almost through the worst of it…

 I'm really getting tired of sitting up in bed at a 45° angle and really really getting tired of taking all these pills, I downloaded all these movies from pay-per-view that I had planned on watching but all I do is sleep.

Tuesday is just more of the same, taking pills and sleeping. I am getting a lot of stuff done around the house that hasn't been done for a while thanks to Karen and Teresa. I did make an appointment for Thursday to see if everything is coming along like it's supposed to be and to see if I can start getting back up in my chair and critiquing these nasty pills.

Wednesday was pretty much more of the same thing, I hope my appointment goes well tomorrow. For breakfast I had a poached egg and red potatoes from my front yard and for dinner Kelly grilled salmon burgers and we have them on  herb bread we bought in San Francisco with avocado, they were so good.

Thursday was my 1st day back up in my chair and outside of the house, what an incredible feeling. I went back to see Dr. Piro and he took off the bandages, took out the drains and took out the stitches. Once again he did a fantastic job on me, I was so thrilled I couldn't stop smiling. He said that I can start getting up and resuming my life but no Jacuzzi bath until the holes heal up on the side.  I did get a nice hot shower before I went back to bed, I feel great. What a great day. For breakfast I had a poached egg and the roasted potatoes that Kelly made from my front yard, they were awesome. For dinner I had some corn and potato soup that Heather made. Since my surgery and there has been making me a lot of soups, all awesome. I didn't know that among everything else she cooks she makes an awesome variety of soups. I'm so glad that I found her not only because she's a good cook but because she is a great friend and always here when I need her.

Friday was such a great day. It was really nice to get out and out of the house for a little while. Now that I'm starting to feel better and now that I know everything went okay I'm really starting to miss Robby, he has been staying  over at Teresa's since my surgery because I was a little afraid he would jump on me. I can't wait to get him back. I cruise around for a while by myself and then hung out in the driveway in the sun talking to Kelly for a while. We decided to grab Tom and my mom and go down to the roadhouse restaurant for lunch, I love that place. I had fish tacos and we split some truffle and Parmesan fries. My mom had some soup and Kelly and Tom split the beet salad and this really yummy looking Pesto, Eggplant, Shitake Mushroom, Mozzarella,  fresh Ricotta, Chili flakes pizza. We have never been disappointed going there.  We came back and Kelly and I were looking at the vegetables in the front yard, the tomatoes are almost ready, the potato she dug up and roasted and she cut down the chard and cooked it off the other day. It is so nice to have all this fresh stuff right in front. Kelly and I went across the street and got a bunch of red and yellow tomatoes. Hopefully for a while I will have roasted tomatoes for breakfast. Teresa came and put me to bed and the rest of the evening I just relaxed and watched chimpanzee on pay-per-view. I am so relieved that the surgery is over, it was a really hard week, and everything turned out okay. I just have to make it through the Smart Lypo suction on the 21st and everything will be back to normal. The Lypo suction is going to be a piece of cake compared to the breast reconstruction surgery.

 Saturday I intended to get up but Sony looked at the incision underneath my chest and it was red and had a little blood, not very much. I think it's from the chest strap on my chair rubbing, we put sheep skin around it but apparently it's still too delicate so I have another day to relax. Terry, Angie, Phoebe and Phyper came over to visit for a while while Charlie, Peter and Parker went to the wharf to do some fishing, Parker caught a starfish and was so proud of it but he put it back, he is such a smart kid. My uncle and aunt, Claudia, my mom and I played cribbage… I only have a dollar left to my name. I was getting kind of tired of soup, although they were all awesome so Tom went over to Berger.and brought us dinner. I had an ahi tuna burger and sweet potato fries, I love that place. For breakfast I had some corn and tomato soup that Heather made, she really make some killer soups.

Sunday I got up and went to hang out for a little bit outside, I love my yard. Tom, Kelly and I went up to this really cool café and had coffee. We decided to go over to Trader Joe's and get some pizza dough, goat cheese and vegetarian chorizo and make grilled pizzas, we already have a type of tomatoes. They turned out really good and I ended up eating way too much but I'm not sorry. Karen came and put me to bed and the rest of the evening was just relaxing. While we were at Trader Joe's all of a sudden Bailey got quiet and when Tom and Kelly came back out I saw them looking in the window and giggling… Bailey fell off the seat into the cooler and couldn't get out.

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That corgi :) said...

I bet when Robby finally comes home, Tammie, it will be a great reunion! Glad to hear though for the most part you are recovering well and feeling better; hope it continues to be like that!