Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ready for an awesome week…

 Monday Theresa took me to Stanford for some more research and testing. Lisa, the one who is doing the research, is trying to find some exercises for me to make my pinch grip stronger. We stopped at Safeway on the way  and got some sandwiches to split. One was salami, prosciutto, marinated mozzarella cheese,  pepperchinis, lettuce and tomato and the other one was Turkey, avocado, bacon, lettuce and tomato and some bugles and Fritos… there's not really anything close to being there and Safeway sandwiches are killer. We also got a breakfast sandwich that was ham, egg and cheese on chibatta bread. It usually takes about 4 to 5 hours for them to hook up the electrodes and check the strength of my muscles. They check the strength and then put me on an exercise program for about 10 weeks, during a home visit after about 5 weeks, and then test my strike again. I think I lost a lot of muscle tone on our road trip in February because I didn't cruise around as much as I do here, I'm really hoping this will help.

Tuesday I was going to leave early, I had an appointment with Claudia to get a manicure, and I ran into my uncle and aunt, Tom and Kelly and Luanna and Malaya on their way to the bagelry to get a bagel and Chai tea… I had to join them. As soon as I got there and ordered my tea it was time for me to go. I went to sunshine Villa and Samantha didn't my nails, I think it's time to dye my hair again because I can see roots and gray. I cruise Robby around for a while, I decided to take a different route just because. I came home and went to bed.

Wednesday I got up and cruised Robby around for a while, the weather is just getting so beautiful. I'm trying to find new routes to cruise Robby, I like my old route but I would like to get to know Santa Cruz better.  I'm trying to find a good source of exercise and somebody suggested the Xbox because it has voice command features  so Teresa took me to Best Buy to check it out, the guy sitting at the desk in the games section was no help at all so I guess I'll do some research online and talked to my little brother.  I went to see Dr. Hurray and he said it looks like I will be pressure sore free in 2 weeks, originally he said for so this is awesome. On the way home of course we stopped at Charlie Hong Kong's and I got my usual pad Thai noodles with garlic tofu,  I always save about half to have the next morning with a poached egg on top. For breakfast I had a poached egg and some toast.

Thursday was an awesome day for the most part. I got up early so Kelly and I could leave at 10:30 AM to go spend the day in San Francisco, usually when Kelly's here we try to go once a week and this is the 1st time we are able to in 3 weeks. Of course we got caught in traffic and it took us about 2 hours to get there, a garbage truck hit a pole and knocked down a bunch of electrical wires on Highway 17. We got there and the 1st thing we did  was get some Roman   noodles with the works, they were even better than we remembered. We got some salami and prosciutto, some bread, some cheese and before we knew it was time to head back home so we got some Vietnamese coffee. I had to be back home by 4 because Teresa and I were interviewing a girl for caregiving position we have open. Of course we had traffic again on the way back so I didn't get here until 6 PM, our interview was at 5 PM, luckily Teresa was here and talk to her until I got here.  I talk to her for a while and I really like her and found out after she left that Theresa liked her also so we decided to give her a try for a couple weeks and see if it works out, I hope it works out. I didn't have anything for breakfast except coffee because I wanted to hurry up and get to San Francisco and have Roman noodles. I had Ramen noodles for lunch.

Friday I got up and took Robby for cruise. I asked Karen to not come in until 10 AM so I could sleep in a little, it felt great. We barbecued some sausages, tater tots, orzo salad and some sauerkraut and some flat bread and hummus we got at the farmers market in Los Gatos on Sunday and then went to the John Waite concert at the beach, it was such a beautiful day and beautiful evening. I came back and Teresa was showing Andi what needed to be done and then when I got home what needed to be done with me, I still really like her and I think she's going to work out great. It is always uncomfortable for a while when somebody new starts and right now I have 2 new people so I'm looking forward to a couple of weeks down the road when everything is more comfortable, it will happen.

 Saturday was another great day. I got up and Tom, Kelly and I went to Alice's restaurant, we try to go there at least once a year. The sun was out here but it was foggy over the ocean on Highway 1. We met Ursula there and had a really nice breakfast on the deck. Kelly and I split a bacon, avocado and tomato omelette and some home fries, we both feel better when we split something or else we will just make ourselves sick. As we were leaving we saw our golden retriever in a car with the windows barely rolled down, some people shouldn't be allowed to have animals. It was probably about 76° outside so can you imagine how hot it was in the vehicle? Ursula found the owners and asked them to please take the dog out of the car and thankfully they did… I wanted to just grab the dog and ran to the van and bring him home. On the way home we stopped at Apple jacks, Tom's favorite hangout. It was a really awesome  little bar that has the best bloody Mary's around, it was a little cooler there. When we got home Theresa and Andi were here going through the dyes that I have to see what we need to start d dying some shirts. Teresa showed Andi how to put me to bed, give me a nice long hot bath and then put me to bed again, I really like both of the new girls we have been training.

Sunday I got to sleep in until 8 AM, I don't get to sleeping very much so I love it. Teresa brought over some Chili relleno for breakfast, it was so good. I took Robby for a cruise through the lagoon, to the bridge overlooking the wharf and back. At the Depot Park they must've just had some kind of marathon because everything was fenced off but they were cleaning it up. I saw a shirt that said “my running partner has 4 legs” and it had pawprints all over it, I really wanted to get it but I didn't. I came home and they had already started up the barbecue. Kelly and Heather were cooking up a taco feast for a lot of our friends. They barbecued halibut on cedar planks, cooked some pulled pork, made a couple different kinds of salsa, some guacamole, a tomato feta salad, a jicama salad and Ursula brought a green salad… everything was awesome. Dr. Owens and her family came by and a couple of Dr. Owens friends, Jim and Ursula and of course Tom and Kelly, Teresa, Heather and I and we ate until we couldn't eat anymore. Andi came by to put me to bed and joined us for a while.  We all decided to do this more often because it was so nice, maybe every Sunday.

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That corgi :) said...

Always great food at your house Tammie!! Glad you got some time exploring both Santa Cruz and San Francisco; all the pictures were neat to see of your friends and your adventures!!

enjoy the week ahead and hope it isn't too hot for you; we are getting a bit of summer heat down here, so we're doing our best to stay as cool as we can :)