Monday, August 20, 2012

Beautiful weather, great company…

 Monday was a good day. Angie called and said she was going to bring her kids over to the boardwalk and asked if we would like to join her for sushi at Mobos,  Kelly and I have NEVER turn down an opportunity to go to this place. We were getting ready to leave and Angie called and said that I was way too much traffic to drive over here with 3 children so she turned around and went back home, the 1st time we have been able to connect and it was ruined by the stupid traffic. We will definitely get better chances. Kelly and I decided to go anyway and make the best of it. It is always really hard to try and decide what to get because everything is so good. Kelly ended up getting this udon soup with beef,  fried prawns and an egg… it looked so good. I got a calamari roll  and an order of tabiko, 2 of my favorites. Teresa came by after we got back to take me to my appointment with Dr. Hurray. Everything was looking so great he said I didn't really have to come back but he would like to see me one more time, it's  healing even faster than we anticipated, that is so nice to finally hear. We decided not to go to Charlie Hong Kong's because there was so much leftover food in the refrigerator and we were both just exhausted and wanted to get everything over with so we can just sleep. I even canceled Susan, the massage therapist, and although I will probably be sorry I just want to be warm and rest for the evening. For breakfast I had a poached egg and some sausage.

Tuesday was a nice relaxing day. I decided to stay in bed because it's going to be another long week and weekend. Dr. Owens wants me to rent one of those beach wheelchairs and go to the beach with her and her family, including the dogs. I think it will be a lot of fun. The accountant came over and paid my bills for me. For breakfast I had a poached egg, some fish with lemon and capers and roasted brussels sprouts for dinner I had some filet mignon and eggplant and zucchini.

Wednesday turned out to be a perfect day. I got up and cruise down to the bank with Robby and got a couple of things done, one of them was looking for a notary to sign my will and send it back to the lawyer, I am all legal now. On the way back Kelly and I met Tom at the farmers market, I LOVE the farmers market. It's really hard to try to decide what to eat because everything sounds wonderful and it doubles when you're hungry. I was looking at the spinach and ricotta fire roasted pizza when I caught a whif of the pulled pork being barbecued next-door and that was it for me… pulled pork taco it is. Kelly and I also split a vegetable sopa and chicken gordita. I found some duck eggs and some white nectarines and I was happy.
 Thursday Kelly and I went to San Francisco, we try to go at least once a week because we both love it there. We went to the slanted door and got an imperial roll and some chicken with rice noodles, everything tasted so good. We decided to get dessert so Kelly got a banana cream pie and I got a gingerbread cupcake and we split it with mocha coffee. We were both in heaven…  we have always wanted to go across the street and check out what the vendors have. I got a scarf,  a couple of hats and a bandanna and Kelly got a scarf and hat. The weather was just perfect.

 Friday was another beautiful day. They had a presurgery appointment with Dr. Owens. I guess when you get to be my age you have to have the EKG and all blood pressure before they will let you have surgery, I did great and it's on… we came back home and rested for a bit and took Robby cruising around for a little bit. I decided not to go to the concert, they were practicing in the middle of the day so I got to see them then. Today was Andi's 1st evening to put me to bed by herself and she did great.

Saturday was awesome. Tom, Kelly and I went to the Buttery Café and bakery and got some coffee and then went to Dig Garden, Tom had never been there before and wanted to go because we talk about it so much and what a great place it is… he was not disappointed. We were going to go down to Duorte's to get Green Chile soup and bread but we didn't make it. As we were getting into the van Andi called and said she wasn't feeling well and she wasn't coming into work, luckily Teresa came to the rescue and after my personal care she gave me a nice long hot bath and put me to bed. Before that we decided to just go back by the buttery café and get a baguette and have a little picnic on the back porch. We had orange fennel salami, mushrooms salami, Ft. Pierce and red Hawk cheese and a couple of different kind of hummis's… it was awesome!

 Sunday I was supposed to take Robby to a nearby beach with Dr. Owens and her dogs but I ended up staying in bed, luckily Teresa took Robby so he still got to play. It was so nice to just relax. Andi came in but was still feeling sick so I asked her to go home, I cannot risk getting sick before my surgery. Heather came by and brought me the chicken salad wrap that she made, it was so good I ate it all. My aunt and uncle, Lee and Claudia and my mom and I played cribbage, my aunt wasn't feeling good so she ended up going home. I think I lost $4. When Robby came home he was so exhausted he looked like a little kid who refused to go to sleep, his eyes were closing and his head was dropping that he didn't like it.


That corgi :) said...

So cute with Robbie sleeping like that; he did seem to have fun playing with all his buddies! I missed what type of surgery you are having, Tammie; hope it all goes well, but you are right, after we get a certain age they do a preop clearance with blood work, EKG, etc to make sure all is well before the procedure. Good for you too for getting your will all done; still need to work on that ourselves.


Chippertue said...

I am having some plastic surgery done, breast reconstruction and smart lipo… I figured what the heck?