Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's beginning to feel a lot like summer...

Monday turned out to be a gorgeous day. I had a dentist appointment so Robby and I left early to go on an extra long cruise, it has been a while since we have been able to and it sure felt great. We took the long way home through San Lorenzo Park, and back through the boardwalk along the Levy. I forgot to start the odometer until I left the dentist office, it was almost 5 miles... that’s just one way.

Tuesday was also a gorgeous day. Robby and I cruised down Westcliff Drive to natural Bridges State Park, surprisingly there was not a lot of people but some really beautiful sites. I saw something in the water that I thought was a seal but I think now it was an otter. The caregiver that I have for Tuesdays and Thursdays told me today that it wasn’t really worth her coming all the way out here just to do care giving, she was giving me a massage on Thursdays and I think that’s really what she wants to do. She is also very busy because she works on a form. I will miss her but she still doing alterations on my clothing and making me some new camps to wear, I have to have elastic around the waist and no pockets so I will still get to see her every once in a while. My uncle, my aunt, Lee and Claudia, Lee’s sister and her kid and my mom and I played cribbage and ate cheese and crackers, I love to taste different cheeses. My uncle was my partner and we didn’t do very good, everybody was really tired but glad we did it.

Wednesday was another gorgeous day, just keep them coming. I took Robby for cruise over to the wharf, around the boardwalk and back. I knew that we were going to go and look at a couple of dog parks later so I didn’t want him to get too tired. The first one was in a nice area but there was no dogs around and it wasn’t very accessible, I would have to watch from the outside. It is the only one we could find in Santa Cruz that is enclosed so I think I will ask Dr. Owens if she wants to go and try it out. The next dog park that we checked out was in Scotts Valley, it was really really nice. I remember going there for the Woof to Woof dog festival last year, Robby and I did a demonstration for CCI. There was a one-year-old German shepherd puppy and a little brown yappy dog that wouldn’t stop biting Robby on the butt. Then a lady came in with a little black lab puppy and that was just what Robby was looking for. Robby was really nervous at first and wanted to play with the dogs but stayed in the middle of two chairs and then he ventured out. Since we were in Scotts Valley we stopped to get Robby some dog food, that is the closest place that carries his brand of food. When we got back Heather was cooking in the kitchen and it smelled wonderful, everything was still warm but I couldn’t eat yet because I had to do the standing frame first. I did the standing frame for a half an hour, went to bed and then ate a salad and some chicken.

My cousin is an awesome chef and she has her own website...

Thursday was Kimberly’s last day to do personal care and massage, I really enjoy having her around but she is so very busy. She’s still going to be doing some alterations and sewing for me so I will still be able to see her once in awhile, not to mention face book. We had a really rough morning and I wasn’t feeling very well so I just stayed in bed, I did make an appointment to go back to Seton to see if I could find out what’s wrong with my stomach. Robby still looks like he’s exhausted from yesterday so I don’t feel too guilty. There are a couple of movies on pay-per-view that I would like to see and I have a couple of Netflix movies to keep me busy. Teresa came by and gave me a nice long hot bath and put me to bed, all snuggled in.

Friday was really nice in the morning and then it got HOT. Robby loves to help so much we decided to pose him with a big garbage cans so that it looks like he is pushing them out to the street, it turned out so cute. I started to take Robby on our morning cruise when I noticed that he was limping so I brought him back so Teresa could take a look at him, she found a little rock or something embedded in his pad and we went back out and he was fine. We went down to the wharf because the wind is cooler, down to the boardwalk and then back to the cooler wind on the wharf. When Cassy came I had her take us over to Toys “R” Us so I could get Robby a little pool for the yard to cool him down when it gets warm, I am really jealous because it is so cool. It has a cover over it and you can hook a garden hose to the top and it will spray downward like it’s raining. I can’t wait to see him play in it. I got to bed and got settled before the bed decided to break down, none of the functions on the side rails are working. The last time the technician was here for that problem he showed me how to reset it but it just keeps coming back on. Of course this happens on a Friday at 6 PM. Hopefully somebody will be around tomorrow and I can get somebody out to take a look at.

Saturday was another perfect day, not too hot. Robby and I went for an extra long cruise and did some shopping, is it still shopping you don’t buy anything? We looked around for a while in Ross, the world market and one of the stores that I like downtown. Cassy text me and asked me if I wanted some spam sushi, she has been telling me about it for a while now so I decided to try it. She gets it at a Hawaiian place and it was actually really good, I will definitely have it again. I got back and just as Cassy was ready to put me to bed her mom called and said that the dogs ran away, they have three. Her mom was on her way home from Valley medical center in Santa Clara and she got a call from a lady who found the dogs so Cassy went to go get them and luckily they were all safe. My uncle and aunt came over to play cribbage and my uncle and I actually double skunked my aunt and my mom, I think that was the first double skunk for me and it felt AWESOME.

Sunday was another draining long morning so I ended up staying in bed and of course it’s beautiful outside. I was going to go get a couple of tacos with Heather and then go to the movies with Heather and Cassy to see Paul, I’ve been wanting to see that for a while. I can’t wait until my doctors appointment next week so I can find out what is wrong with my digestive tract. Jess and Teresa took Robby over to the beach to run off some of his energy, Robby just loves the beach... luckily he gets a bath on Tuesday.

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That corgi :) said...

I do hope they find out what is going on with your stomach/digestive tract Tammie so you can feel as good as you can! I did check out your cousin's web site, my gosh, the food!! Everything looks scrumptious! those blueberry scones, oh my!!

You are right, it is starting to feel like summer, it goes warm for a few days and then a few a days cooler, but definitely it is heading in the right direction with nice weather!