Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another week of nasty weather...

Monday turned out to be a gorgeous day even though there was supposed to be thunderstorms, silly weatherman. Robby and I took our usual cruise and I finally was able to clock it on my odometer, it’s just a little over 5 miles. Came home and Heather made some chicken adobo, broccoli, mushrooms and quinoa. Teresa came to put me to bed and we went to change my SP (supra-pubic) catheter and although a little bit was coming out I started getting chills and sweating. We waited for a while and took my blood pressure and it was really high so we decided it must be a bad catheter so we changed it again and the chills and sweating were getting worse and my blood pressure was getting higher so we called Dr. Owens and got ready for a trip to emergency. We changed it one more time and a bunch of bladder slough and a gush of urine came out and my blood pressure started dropping and the chills and sweating when away. I have gotten autonomic dysreflexia a couple of times and it’s really scary, glad that is over and so glad that Theresa was here... I don’t think anybody else would have known what to do.

Tuesday I was exhausted and really sore from the night before but it turned out to be a beautiful day. I went to the sunshine Villa and got my manicure and pedicure, I got a they’re really fast because Claudia did a manicure and Samantha did the pedicure, Samantha and I play Scrabble on the iPhone and I really enjoy it. Robby and I cruised around Santa Cruz and came back just in time to eat. While we were cruising around I ran into a guy that I see all the time at the concerts at the beach Michael, I didn’t know his name until today but I talk to him all the time. Kimberly and I went through a box of material that I bought for pants that Karen found in the closet yesterday, I am so excited because there is some really cool fabric in that box. We too are the garage up a couple of times looking for it and it was in the closet in the front bedroom. Kimberly is the one who serge's all of my shirts, I cut them up and back, and she’s going to make some pants for me out of the material that I got. When I got home Heather was cooking, it smelled awesome in here. She made a lamb roast with vegetables, meat loaf, brussels sprouts and egg plant. Teresa came by and gave me a nice long hot bath and then my uncle and my aunt came over to play cribbage, it was a great day.

Wednesday every time it looks like the rain was going to let up a little bit Robby and I would start out for a little cruise and of course it would start pouring rain. I finally gave up and had Cassy come in a little early to group or tree shopping. As soon as we got back home the sun was out and it was beautiful. I did the standing frame for half an hour and then went to bed. My uncle roasted turkey across the street and brought me a turkey leg and some mashed potatoes.

Thursday I stayed in bed because they were coming to fix my chair and I couldn’t find anybody to come in early enough to put me to bed so I wouldn’t be in my chair when they came to fix it. Turned out to be a great idea because it not only rained really hard all day but the wind blew really hard all day, the electricity went out for a couple of hours. Teresa came by to give me a bath, something to eat and cut up some cheese for cheese and crackers later on tonight. Uncle Dick and and Kathy, Claudia, my mom and I played cribbage. A couple of the Windows in my driveway started leaking on the window seal inside the house when it would rain so I called Jeff from Dunton construction and he came right out, luckily it was just the holes inside the window were plugged up and making the water back up inside. He fixed it and didn’t even charge us, he is just the sweetest man.

Friday morning ended up being a long and exhausting morning. By the time we got done with personal care it was already 11 AM so I decided to just stay in bed, I wouldn’t have gotten up until 1 PM and my afternoon caregiver was coming in at 2 PM so it really wasn’t worth it. My afternoon caregiver said that she would play with Robby in the yard and that is my biggest worry about staying in bed. Of course it started raining so I don’t feel so bad. I found my rain cape and I got a cover for the driving instruments on my chair so the least we can still go out when it’s raining. My uncle and my aunt came over to play cribbage, my uncle was my partner and they skunked us on the last game.

Saturday was yet another long personal-care day, they are so exhausting, luckily today though I got to take a nice long hot bath after and that always makes me feel better... I’m just really tired after. It sounds like were going to have about six people, besides my mom and I, over to play cribbage tonight so that should make me feel better. Too many days in bed and it makes me go crazy. Hopefully everything will go alright tomorrow and I will be up and out of here no matter what the weather is like. I’m trying to watch a movie called rabbit hole, I fell asleep the first time that I try to watch it so I’m trying to watch it again... it looks like a really good movie. My uncle and aunt came over again and we played a couple of games of cribbage, we invited about four other people over but never heard from them so we just played by ourselves and had fun. Friendship is not about who came first or who cares the most. It is all about who came in your life and never left.

Sunday turned out to be a gorgeous day all day long. Robby and I got to go on an extra long cruise and everybody just seem to be happy that the sun was out. I still feel really bad that Robby can’t go on his regular puppy play dates, I was looking at the pictures today and he always has so much fun. Next Wednesday were going to try taking him to the dog park.


That corgi :) said...

hopefully the weather will start getting better so you and Robby can enjoy your times cruising or at the dog bark; it has been a rough March I think with cool rainy weather

Heather always seems to make the best food!!

Like I said before, wish I lived closer to you so you could teach me cribbage so I can see if I can "skunk" you all :)


Chippertue said...

Maybe one day you will make it up this way and I will definitely teach you, it is so much fun!