Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Teresa...

Monday turned out to be a gorgeous day. It was Cassidy’s birthday so we went to Mobos for sushi. We used to go once a week and I really miss it. In my opinion the best sushi ever. Robby and I cruised down and met Cassy and then we all cruised back. When we were coming out of Mobos a guy cruising around in a chair stopped us to ask about Robby and how he can get a service dog, basically what would be involved and how long would it take to get one. We came back and I went to bed early so Cassy could spend the evening with her family.

Tuesday the massage therapist wasn’t able to make it again, her son had an ear infection and she overdid and her old relapsed. I can really tell in my neck, shoulders and arms when I’m not able to get a massage. She wanted to reschedule but this week is just too busy. I can’t wait until next Tuesday. It’s still pretty cold outside but I took Robby for a short cruise through the lagoon. Teresa and I went to pick up Bella and took them to Bayview elementary school and of course there was a bunch of kids at both ends so we tried a couple more high schools, same thing. We went to the soccer Park but somebody was practicing there also so we just went back to Bayview and of course the kids were gone so the puppies ran around for about an hour and were each other out, the best exercise for them both. We came back home and I took a nice long hot bath and went to bed.

Wednesday Rachel gave Robby a bath, he really needed one after playing in the mud with Bella for two days... unfortunately tomorrow they’re going to play in the mud again. I was finally able to get my manicure/pedicure, I got diamond sparkle silver. While I was there there was a couple of ladies with walkers and one of them had tennis balls on the end so of course Robby thought it was his toy and grabbed one, I told him to leave it and he did but everybody got a good laugh... good thing they have a sense of humor. Cassy took me over to Scotts Valley to get Robby’s food, Scotts Valley is the closest place that stocks it. Of course all the way back I had to stop and get some KFC. We went to Beverly’s fabric to get some small bales of hay and straw for my nativity scene, now I can just remember how to set it up... thank goodness for you tube. I also went shopping at Safeway and then home again home again...

Thursday was pretty cold outside. Patrick, the guy that takes care of my yard, came by and fixed my pond and while he was fixing it he found a huge praying mantis. I noticed it the last couple of days by my bedroom door, I just love to watch them. Patrick’s dog came up and sniffed him and he just fell over, Patrick said that they play dead when they think they are threatened so I watched it for a while and he was right... I saw him get up and move when he thought the coast was clear. I was so relieved that we were going to get Bella that afternoon and let the dogs run because it was way too cold to try cruising Robby around. There ended up being about eight dogs and they all got along really well and had such a great time. I came back home and I got to take a nice long hot bath and go to bed.

Friday I ended up staying in bed. I was going to get up and take Robby to the skilled nursing facility but I needed to get my chair to Watsonville so they can fix it and they didn’t want me in it so I just decided to take the day off. Cassy took Robby to the skilled nursing facility and then took my chair to Watsonville, I hope it doesn’t take very long AND I hope they get it fixed.

I thought Saturday was going to be another cold day but it wasn’t. One of my mom’s friends had a birthday party in San Jose and we were going to go but decided not to because of the unpredictable weather and my really old van, two of the tires keep getting really low and it doesn’t always start so I don’t like to take it too far from home... I cannot wait to get my new van in February. My mom had a couple of surgeries on her left leg and is still very sore so she shouldn’t be driving anyway. I went over to the world market and picked out a couple of Christmas ornaments for a party that my mom, my aunt and her friend are going to.

Sunday I just wasn’t feeling good. I have been excited all week to go get my Christmas tree today but we ended up putting it off until Tuesday. I couldn’t stop sweating for some reason and I don’t know why, we tried all of the usual symptoms and couldn’t figure out why so we decided to just stay home. It was Theresa’s birthday yesterday so Heather came over today and maybe a KILLER dinner of lobster, scallops with champagne and orange, awesome rice and green beans. I think it was probably the best meal I have ever had, vanilla cheesecake for dessert. I wish Teresa had a birthday everyday. We had a really good time visiting and then Teresa and Karen hung up my Christmas lights outside, I just love Christmas AND birthdays.

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That corgi :) said...

Christmas and birthdays are great ways to celebrate with special friends and of course the food that comes with it! That was a big praying mantis, Tammie! I didn't know they play dead like that; Koda has sniffed a few and I thought he had "killed" them so glad to know they were just protecting themselves until it was safe to escape.

hoping you get your tree up tomorrow!