Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another rainy week...

Monday I wasn’t feeling much better than I was Sunday so I ended up staying in bed and of course it was beautiful outside, about 60°. I watched a lot of TV and try to make the best of it. I hope I feel better on Tuesday because I want to go get my Christmas tree. I watched Toy story three with my mom, we watched one two and three in the last three days. Very cute movies. My aunt and uncle have had company at their house for a while and they finally left today, they have some really good and long lasting friends. I saw the pet Smart ad and they are taking pictures of your dog last weekend, this weekend and next weekend so I’m going to take Robby over there next weekend to get his picture taken with Santa and I’m so excited. Last year he just kind of melted right into Santa and you could tell they were both really enjoying it, I turned around and looked and there was all of a sudden a long line and people kind of annoyed with us for taking so long.

Tuesday morning I got a massage, it had been two weeks and I was really stiff and sore. After I got up I took Robby for a short cruise in between the raindrops, I thought we were going to go get Bella and go to the park but that didn’t happen. Teresa took me to Home Depot to get my Christmas tree, I prefer a noble fur, we got the fullest and the most beautiful... I love the way they smell. My mom couldn’t get her printer to work so Teresa took me over to Kinko’s and we have a bunch of copies made of the Christmas letter and a really cute picture of Robby with his new Santa hat, he hates it so much. When we got back it was really late so no time for a long hot bath, I could have really used one but what we did was more important. After Kinko’s we went to Trader Joe’s and bought a wreath for the Center of our tables, now it’s really looking like Christmas around here.

Wednesday it looked like it was going to rain all day so I procrastinate as much as I could before I got out of bed. Cassidy took me over to target in Watsonville and I found a candle to go inside the wreaths, it’s really beautiful. I came home and Cassidy put me in the standing frame but we had a mishap so I was only in it for half an hour. She put the hip laterals on backwards so we decided to change them while I was standing, not a good idea, my hips shifted to the left and we could not recover them. We are still in excremental stages in trying to find new ways but we are getting there.

Thursday I got another massage in the morning, it felt so good. My left arm is so tight that it hurts for her to even touch side think I’m going to try the electrodes. I think because it’s cold and my muscles tense up. After the massage and took a nice long hot bath. After I got up and dressed and took Robby for a cruise through the lagoon and down to the soccer Park and back without getting wet. Teresa came by and her and Karen decorated my Christmas tree, it looks so cool. I think the lights are a little bit too big and too bright so I’ll have to find different lights for next year. I am ready for the girls Christmas party. My aunt called and said that they had been in the hospital with my cousin, Rich, most of the day. His heart was beating weird and he didn’t feel good, this is the third time he has gone through this. For the rest of the evening it was really hard for me to concentrate because I was so worried about him, I didn’t realize until later how hard it affected me and I cannot even imagine how worried his parents are.

Friday Cassy took Robby and I to the Santa Cruz skilled nursing facility, I didn’t get to go last week and I really missed it. When I first started going I was really nervous but everybody has made me feel so comfortable. We came back home and I took Robby for a cruise and then Cassy put me in the standing frame and then back to bed. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day.

Saturday it kept going from sunshine to sprinkles. I got up and went to the movies with Heather, we saw the latest The Chronicles of Narnia in 3D, it was really good. Sometimes getting me up in the standing frame is really easy and other times it’s just really hard to get it right, after a little bit more practice hopefully we will find the easy way. I woke up this morning with a big bruise on my right leg, the only thing I can think of that would give me a bruise there is the standing frame. I still love it.

Sunday I took a nice long hot bath and went back to bed, of course it was a gorgeous day outside. Teresa was sick and Karen had plans and couldn’t come back in the evening. I watched a couple of movies and visited with Heather. She took Robby out for a walk and played ball with him in the driveway. Today was Robby’s play date and he really needed it, it has been raining so the puppies haven’t gotten together for a while. Heather made me a killer BBQ pork rib wrap with spinach and some green beans.

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That corgi :) said...

I bet your tree does look nice and smells good, Tammie! We have had artificial trees for so long I have forgotten how "good" a live tree smells!! I guess we didn't get the rain yet since it was 85 degrees here today!