Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa Cruz SCI Christmas Party...

Monday turned out to be a really good day even though it was a little colder. Robby and I got to go on a really long cruise and it felt great, even though Mr. Mister pooped in the parking lot. He does really good but sometimes when you start exercising you just have to go. I usually take him out to go potty before we go for a cruise but I got distracted so we stopped along the way, he generally only poops in the backyard unless he can’t hold it any longer. When we got back Cassy took us grocery shopping. We skipped the standing frame today because the bruise below my knee still looks pretty bad, I don’t know if leaning against it would make it worse. Heather came by with some fresh rock cod and set it up so somebody can cook it for me tomorrow. I can hardly wait. My uncle came by to give us an update on everything. My cousin Rich is still on the mend and my uncle got some shots in his hands to hopefully help with his arthritis, I hope it works so we can play cribbage and I can take his money.

Tuesday even though it was really foggy outside Robbie and I cruised over to the lighthouse, it was so beautiful there. We came back and Teresa and Karen put up the rest of my Christmas lights, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. My living room smells like Christmas tree and the lights outside look awesome. Melissa came by on Monday and painted my windows and they are so beautiful.

Wednesday was a bad day. I got up but ended up going back to bed because of mechanical problems. I was supposed to go see Claudia and get my hair dyed in my nails done, I rescheduled for Monday. Cassidy said that she would take my van over to Whalers car wash and get it washed for me, she said they did a really good job. Heather made a killer fresh cod fillet and I had quinoa, asparagus and spinach, needless to say it was AWESOME. My mom and I watched the new karate kid movie, it was really good and of course she cried.

Thursday Teresa drove Karen, her boyfriend and I to San Jose. Karen’s boyfriend was flying out to Mexico so we decided to drop him off and make a Day of it. We went to the container store because I remember a couple of years ago they had really cool wrapping paper but I didn’t really see anything spectacular, I did see one that I liked but they were out of it. We went to Valley fair Mall, now it’s called Westfield, and found a Santa outfit for Robbie and Teresa got one for Gigi. Robbie wore it around the mall and then we had his picture taken with Santa at Macy’s, Robbie was of course a HUGE hit. We went to the cheesecake factory for lunch and it was as great as I remember it to be, we didn’t have any room for dessert and we were going to come back and get some to take home after we went shopping but we forgot.

Friday was a lot of last-minute running around. I went to Hallmark to get a gift card for a long time friend of ours Helen. She is legally blind but makes her way every Tuesday to the Hallmark store in the mall to buy cards and gifts for people in her life. She knits stockings for everyone and fills them with Candy, they are so adorable. I told her that our support group was having a Christmas party so she gave me a bunch of stockings that she knitted to fill with Candy at hand out to everyone, how adorable is that?? We also stopped at Walgreens to get some candy to fill the stockings, CVS to get some wrapping paper and a centerpiece for the table, to cost plus to get a gift for Christmas party and having here on Tuesday and to Costco to get some croissant sandwiches, plates and napkins. Needless to say by the time I got home I was exhausted and ready for bed. I forgot to mention that it rained ALL day nonstop and Robbie and I were soaked. It’s nice to be in my warm bed, in my warm house and listening to the rain outside where it belongs.

Saturday I was so nervous that nobody was going to show up at the support group meeting/Christmas party at my stomach was a little upset. It was supposed to start at 1 PM and I was getting a little nervous when it was 1:05 PM and still nobody was there. All of a sudden a bunch of people started showing up and I was so relieved. There ended up being around 14 people there and we all had such a good time and it went by way too fast. One of the kids that has been going to the support groups for awhile didn’t have a computer at home so we presented him with one and it felt so great. There was two new people came with their families. A young kid from Salinas that got shot about three months ago and an older guy who is a computer expert who has been injured for a while. I felt so great when I left because of how well it went and I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight but that’s okay. Karen and Cassidy came along to help me set everything up and help the people that needed help, they are both so good at doing that. Karen took pictures, it’s nice to have the memories. After I went to bed my aunt and uncle came over to play cribbage for a while, my uncle was my partner and we won two and lost two, one of the games we got skunked... we are not ready to talk about it yet.

Sunday it started out raining like crazy. Karen, Teresa and I went to Aptos to where a friend of Teresa’s has a booth and a beauty supply so long. For Christmas Teresa got me a haircut so I couldn’t really turn it down. I have a lady that does my hair, manicure and pedicure regularly but how can I say no? After that we all went out to lunch to a place called Gayle’s, it was awesome. Teresa’s friend who did my hair is the girlfriend of the guy who takes care of my yard and he showed up while we were eating. We came back home and Karen wrapped some empty boxes to put under my tree so it didn’t look so bare.

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That corgi :) said...

That was nice, Tammie, to read about your friend who knits the stockings! What a blessing she is! Glad the Christmas party went well too; seems like you were able to help bless people there too, awesome!

Robby looked so festive; bet he enjoyed the gathering too!

thanks for the Christmas card; I hope you and yours have a very nice Merry Christmas!