Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting ready for the big day...

Thursday ended up being a really bad day. I did get up but ended up going back to bed. My mom was in San Jose playing cards and my aunt and uncle went to my uncle’s MRI so is just Lexi and I.

Friday I felt a lot better and it was so nice to be out and be able to get out of here so I went for a cruise through the boardwalk and the wharf. Friday evening was Eddie Money on the boardwalk. I went there two hours early to get a good seat but of course my buddy was there blocking most of the area with a giant cooler and a big suitcase, some people just never learn. Heather had talked to head of security an he was supposed to make sure that the security guards watched out but the beach and boardwalk were so crowded you could hardly even walk around. The concert was AWESOME, he did not sing my favorite song but he puts on a really good show. He brought his godson on the stage to play the harmonica and introduced him as Billy and I remember thinking how familiar he looked. He is autistic and in the Special Olympics and I saw him every couple of weeks, he works at Safeway in San Jose... small world.

On Saturday Susan came by to give me a massage and it felt so good, for one reason or another I had to cancel the last three sessions so I was really ready.

Yesterday I just stayed in bed. I’m having a colonoscopy on Wednesday so I’m trying to clean out my system. They gave me some stuff to drink and because I am paralyzed from the chest down they have a catheter for your bottom, sound like a lot of fun.

Today and tomorrow I’m only allowed to drink liquids, as long as they aren’t red or purple. Heather is going to come by and see if she can put some flavor in the low-sodium chicken broth, she take such good care of me and I really appreciate it.

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a corgi said...

that concert sounded like fun! hard to imagine Eddie Money old enough to have grandchildren, but I suppose he must be (that makes me old, LOL)

good luck with the colonoscopy; such a good thing to go through, but not fun with the prep for it