Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a nightmare...

What a huge nightmare that colonoscopy was. First of all I had to go without eating, until having to drink 4 L of thick, nasty, pineapple flavored goo the worst thing I thought could happen. I got it all down and amazingly was able to keep it down but it made me feel horrible, I had to constantly fight to keep it down and my stomach was so bloated I thought it was going to pop. From what I heard from everyone else it cleans you out really fast, not for me. Because I cannot run to the bathroom whenever needed they gave me something called a colon catheter. It basically looks like a big jellyfish in the top of it fills with water so it does not slide out, perfect I thought. It constantly leaked around the edge so somebody had to be here at all times. Teresa stayed here until 11 PM but had to work the next day so my mom ended up staying up until 3 AM, my caregiver was supposed to be here at 4 AM. I had taken a bath the morning before but I was so sweaty from the chills and the constant sweat that I took a bath in the morning, about never felt so wonderful, and got dressed to go. The hospital part of it went really smoothly. They didn’t have a portable Hoyer lift but the people that they got to help transfer me really knew what they were doing, sometimes not very common in the hospital. The cool thing was I got to see the inside of my colon, I thought it was cool anyway. It turns out the only thing that was wrong was some swelling and I can take care of that with medication. They gave me some 7-Up and a banana muffin, put me back in my chair and sent me home... I was SO glad that that was over and I won’t have to worry about it for another 10 years.

Thursday and Friday I just stayed in bed and on my side to try to get rid of a couple of pressure sores. I’m really sorry that I missed Ray Parker Jr. at the free concert but I will definitely be at the next one, Greg Kihn Band. I sure hope the lady isn’t there that takes up all the space because this week I’m really not in the mood to be nice about it.

It felt so great to get out today and to get out of the house. Teresa and I went over to check out the new Safeway store and then to get some Chinese food. I have been craving Chinese food for a long time and it was awesome. Heather called me this morning and said that she didn’t feel good and she was going to stay in bed for a day or two and recuperate. I just found out that somebody ran over the plug for my wheelchair charger, of course they had to do it over the weekend. I think what is the most disappointing is that nobody said anything, it's going to cost $250 to replace.


a corgi said...

glad the test went well Tammie; the prep didn't sound pleasant at all; I honestly did hear that was the worst part of the whole ordeal; thankfully, like you said, it is done for 10 more years and who knows what they will do to advance medicine and how sophisticated things may be by then


ocmist said...

Yeah, the prep for colonoscopies are a real pain in the... Anyway, I thought it was neat seeing the inside of me, too, when they did mine.

So sorry you had pressure sore problems and hope they are gone by now, as I know this is an older post and I'm working on catchups!

Linda (from Corgi Country)