Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monterey Bay aquarium...

I really like Susan, the new massage therapist. She does a massage along with range of motion and after she’s done my arms always feel really heavy and they feel so relaxed. A hot bath and I’m out for the night.

I didn’t get a chance to make it to the concert Friday before last but I hope they got the seating situation straightened out. I am definitely going this Friday because it’s going be loverboy, even though I know I’m going to have a bunch of really angry people giving me the hairy eyeball. I had an appointment to get several holes drilled in my foot braces selected where them at night instead of during the day. Of course I didn’t realize that I had written the appointment down wrong, I wondered why there was absolutely no one in the parking lot... it was 4 July and a holiday.

Last Thursday a friend of the family, Bob, came by so we took him out for dinner because it was his birthday. There is a restaurant on the wharf and I have been wanting to try because I’ve heard such good things about it so we decided to go there. When we got there we discovered it was pretty small and they didn’t take credit cards so we went next door to Gildas and had a crab Louie salad and some clam charter and it was awesome. Until I got older I never realized that there was white and red chowder and read seems to be really popular but I always order white.

To my surprise when I went to the boardwalk to find a place to sit for the concert a place that was roped off for people with disabilities was totally empty, I was there to a half hours early. Apparently the head of security had a talk with the Ziploc rice bag lady and she did not appear to be happy when she got there. She parked her scooter as close to me as she could, whipped out her little flip phone, called somebody and said “she’s here”. For a second I kind of felt like I was in one of those scary movies and about to be in big trouble. She sat there for a while and then moved around to the outside of the roped off area, which was just on the other side of me, and proceeded to tell everyone that she talked to that somebody complained about her and she was not able to save 10 seats for all of her friends anymore. I felt really bad for her friends because it sounds like she’s been doing this for a long time but is just not fair.

I got up early on Sunday because I thought it was the Art and wine Festival on the wharf, I should have looked it up the night before because it is next Sunday. So I went back to bed and pretty much had visitors all day. Jerry, my neighbor from San Jose, brought his new neighbor, April, over to visit with him. They are both motorcycle riders and like to cruise around together.

On Thursday we finally get to go to the Monterey Bay aquarium and I am so excited. Heather got me a couple of tickets a while back and we didn’t really want to go on the weekend when it was going to be crowded so we waited until Teresa could take a day off from work so we could beat the crowd. They have the new Seahorse exhibit and it’s been awhile since I have been there.

Friday is not going to be so much fun. But since Teresa also had a day off we’re going to clean the garage. We were doing really good for a while but then it just seems like there wasn’t time to work on it anymore and it’s getting really bad.

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a corgi said...

that lady at the concerts really needs to just let it go, so to speak, and to not continue to make a big deal about it. She was in the wrong before as far as saving seats and now that she's been corrected of what the policy is, she should keep her mouth shut and not feel like she has to spread the news to every single person around her.

I bet the seahorse exhibit will be so neat to see at the aquarium! sounds like a fun outing; enjoy it!