Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New bed...

Jerry, my neighbor from San Jose, came by Saturday and we had a really nice visit. I was just getting ready to go to bed so he just went in the living room and watched basketball until I was ready. We didn’t get to visit very long but he’s going to try to come back soon, I really miss him and his girl Liz.

When I went to buy this house about two years ago it said on my credit report that I cosigned for a van so I almost did not get this place. My caregiver that had worked for me for eight years introduced me to her sister who worked for me for about a year. Her sister called me up one day and asked me if I would do a verification of employment and of course I said I would, I found out later that I had cosigned for her new van and her sister, who had worked for me all those years, signed for me. I put her on my accounts so she could help me do the payroll checks.

Before I moved to Santa Cruz I had a Roomba irobot, one of those little round vacuum cleaners that maneuvers around the floor picking up dirt and dog hair. For some reason when I moved over here it quit working and nobody wanted to fix it so I ended up getting rid of it and getting a new one. I got it all set up in the first day that we tried it it went missing. I noticed that the front door was open, somebody accidentally hit the automatic door opener, so my first thought was that it went outside and was cruising around the neighborhood... I don’t think that it could get too far from the dock but you never know. After searching the neighborhood we found it in the spare bedroom bathroom, apparently it went into the bathroom and close the door on itself.

I found a new hospital bed on Craig’s list and the guy delivered it yesterday. I know that I’m really going to like it but I always have a problem with new equipment, as uncomfortable as my old bed is I found myself missing it a little bit last night. It’s a lot narrower, my new bed is 84” x 35” and my old bed is the same length but about twice the width. Now I just need to find a couple of big guys to get my old bed out of my room, it will make my room look a lot smaller and it has a bunch of cool features.

Next Sunday my mum and my aunt are going to take off for their trip, they will be gone for approximately 2 weeks. They are going to visit their aunts and get them together for a little family reunion. They’re really nervous about taking off but I know that they will have a really good time and for all we know it might be the last time everybody can get together so I’m sure that it will be bittersweet.


a corgi said...

wow, that wasn't quite fair that your care giver signed your name for the van loan. such a shame people do things like this, Tammie. I'm glad that you got a new bed though; sounds like once you get used to it, it might be nicer since it seems bigger.

I hope your mom/aunt have a good visit with family.


ocmist said...

Being betrayed by a "friend" is really miserable, and so hard to take. It is sad that things like that happen and very frustrating, too.

Your new bed sounds like it will be great. I'll bet you can hardly wait to get into it. Linda