Saturday, May 16, 2009

Greek Festival in downtown Santa Cruz...

Yesterday my uncle was busy so I decided to take a trip down to natural Bridges Beach on Seacliff Drive. It's the first time that I have gone down that far and it was such a beautiful trip. I notice that a lot of people stop along the beach to stare at the view and smoke marijuana, I practically get a contact high just driving by.

I have been taking care of the neighbors dog while they're having their house remodeled. His name is Yoda and he is a golden lab. He is a very smart dog but I'm thinking that nobody worked with him a lot. Unfortunately when I go for a cruise I cannot take him with me because he freaks out when he sees the other animals, both him and I would LOVE to cruise around Santa Cruz together.

My sister-in-law and her son David are supposed to come by today to spend the night and enjoy the peace and quiet from their busy teenage home.

My cousin's wife has her family visiting from out of town so we are all going to get together and have dinner at my uncle's house, I have only met him once at the wedding will be really nice to see them again.

Today is the Greek Festival in downtown Santa Cruz and I was going to wait for somebody to show up but I think I'm just going to cruise down there before it gets too warm. There's an artichoke festival in Castroville and that is really where I would like to be, I LOVE artichokes.


a corgi said...

I love artichokes too; that festival sounded like a fun thing to go to if one could go to it.

I bet you are enjoying the time with Yoda; sounds like a really good dog!


ocmist said...

I love articokes, too. My brother-in-law made a bunch of them along with lobster tail and King Crab legs for my sisters and me for Mother's Day! Yummy!

I used to live in San Jose for several years when I was in Bible College, and a group of us would go to Santa Cruz every once in a while. Loved the drive through the Redwoods!

I also love Greek food! Hope you had a good time at the Festival! Linda