Saturday, May 23, 2009

A beautiful day for a cruise through the lagoon...

Whenever I see something on TV that happened a while back I always wonder if I could pick a year and go back, and know what I know now, what year when I go back to. Most of the time I think that it would be before my injury but not all the time. I really do have a great life right now and I’m not sure that I would have if I hadn’t broken my neck and my ex didn’t ask me to leave.

Last Wednesday I went to go pick up my brace from Dominican. I told him all I wanted was a modest brace to help me set up in my chair straight... apparently he wasn’t listening. I came back home with this big plastic dome on either side of my body that restricted me from doing EVERYTHING. I’m supposed to go back next Friday to cut some of it away so it’s more comfortable and he’s going to look at my leg braces and see if he can come up with something better for that, my braces are about six years old and I’m sure that they have something new and improved.

I love cruising around Santa Cruz in the morning but I haven’t for a few days, I’m going to try to make up for it today. The weather is cooling down and even though the sun is out it’s still really windy and the wind seems to go right down to my bones.

Heather came by day before yesterday and set me up for a couple of days. She made chicken, she always gets dark meat because that is my favorite, with enchilada sauce and bell peppers, quinoa that she squirted orange into... one of my new favorites. She found his teriyaki marinaded skirt steak that is also one of my new favorites, it pretty much melts in your mouth. She also made some pasta with shrimp and Langastino scampi, another one of her awesome creations.

Today Heather, Linda and I took Yoda over to the lagoon and cruised around. I always get a little nervous when we go over the part of the boardwalk that is over the water because it’s on pontoons and it squeaks and wobbles a lot but it sure is a beautiful stroll and I got Heather to take some pictures for me. Hopefully we will do that more often.


a corgi said...

the lagoon sounds like a nice place to be, even with the pontoons and all; I'd be like you, though, a bit nervous until I got done with that part

I think if I got a chance to go back to a year in my past and know what I know now, I'd go back to the early years I was raising my kids and would do some things different.

as usual, Heather cooks the best things!!!

I hope you have a nice Memorial Day, Tammie :)


Anonymous said...

I glad you have such a good life now; it sounds like you are pleased to be rid of the ex ;0.
Heather is a great deal. I'd be buying her a nice Christmas gift.

ocmist said...

Wow! That menu sounds delicious! I'd like to know some of those recipes. The pictures of you and the lagoon were really nice. I love being around water, but since we live in the desert a couple hours drive from the coast, I don't see it as much as I'd like.

Have a great weekend! Linda