Monday, February 2, 2009

Are you ready for some football...

Everybody keeps saying that after losing a dog they never want to get another one because it is too painful to lose them. It is the most painful thing I have gone through but I cherish the memories and the times that we had so much that I will definitely do it again. The sad times as well as a happy times make us who we are today and that is a good thing.
Everybody was so excited about last weekend being Super Bowl weekend. I went across the street to my aunt and uncle's place and watch the game with them, my cousin and his friend and although the food was great I wasn't really thrilled with watching the game.My first boyfriend cured me of wanting to watch any kind of sports. Him and his father would sit around every weekend and watch anything that had to do with sports and I remember it used to make me crazy. We did go to a couple of hockey games and I started to like that until I got hit in the shoulder. The puck bounced off my shoulder and when it popped up but I thought might be grabbed it and said "that looked like it hurt" and stuck it in his pocket. I was so pissed, I thought that it went without saying that if you got hit by the puck you automatically get it... apparently that I'd ever heard of that and the guy that I was with didn't kick his butt and get it for me.
Friday I went in to get fitted for a back brace. My spine seems to be curving to my right, it has been doing it for some time in my left arm is always sore from leaving on it. They fitted me for a brace and also noticed that my left leg kicks out to the left which makes the top part of my body bend to the left. She suggested bracing my left leg so that it cannot move, in bed is where I have most of the problem because my legs are strapped when I'm in my chair, or start taking Baclofen again. I quit taking Baclofen because it makes you drowsy and I did not have spasms very much, Baclofen is for muscle spasms.


Joyce said...

I love football but I have to admit that it has only been since I've gotten older that I really starting enjoying it. I just wish my TN Titan's had gone to the Bowl.
Hope the brace helps the problem you are having.
Hugs, Joyce

a corgi said...

I think its good you are willing to get another dog Tammie! I know after our first corgi passed away, it took me five years to consider another dog (there's more to the story but its too sad to share) but then the dog we got sure took the cake as far as cute, LOL, our present Koda! They are such great companions!

I thought it was a good Super Bowl; I'm not one that has to sit and watch sports all weekend and I'm glad my hubby's not the same; we like to watch the championship games of things and that's about it, maybe a game here or there.

ouch with getting hit with the hockey puck; I would have wanted to keep it too as a painful souvenir

hoping the back brace works