Friday, January 30, 2009

Starting to look lived in...

The rain has let up today and it looks like they are back to finish my deck and pour concrete, how exciting. It looks like it's going to be done before Luana's birthday party. Patrick is going to be here on Wednesday to start landscaping.
I got a call from Lauren from CCI, Canine Companions for Independence, I thought I was through with the qualifying process but because I have such a high level injury they want one more personal interview so I have to find somebody to drive me to Santa Rosa.
Angie and Parker came by the other day with Terrie, one of Angie's friends, what a nice surprise. They were in that neighborhood and they were going to go to Mobo's for sushi but it was closed. They are going to come back by for Luana's birthday party in a couple of weeks. My brother David is going to come down and do some work on my home automation system and he's going to try to come down the same time as Luana's party so he will be able to see a lot of the family.
Poor Heather has been really sick but she keeps trying to come over here and cook something for me. She started out with bronchitis and now she has the flu, I hope she kicks it really soon.
They poured concrete today for my new deck and it looks really great, I can't wait for it to dry so I can try it out.
Last night my uncle Dick put an extension on the frame of my bed so that the pillow will not fall off the back and I think it's going to work out great. I was going to get a wedge pillow but this is an even better idea, he is so creative.
On Wednesday I decided to cruise down to Cost Plus, Office Depot, Ross and the nursery. I'm looking for something to my stereo equipment on in the living room and I'm looking for a fountain to go on my porch.
The guy who did the painting and finishing of the wood, Ray, is doing some household maintenance for my mom and I. We have lived here for eight months and neither one of us has any pictures hung and there's a few other things. It sure is nice to get everything done finally and ready does a really good job. He is an artist but right now he is painting houses until his kids get old enough to where they can pursue his real dream. He showed me some of his artwork and it was amazing, he really is talent. He doesn't really beautiful Ocean scenes.

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a corgi said...

wow, I can't believe you've been living there for 8 months already! I remember you writing about getting ready to move, etc; seems like yesterday; my how time flies!

I wished I lived closer to you Tammie, I'd drove you to Santa Rosa for what was needed for the CCI people; I hope that can get going so you can get another companion soon; I know no one will take Brodie's place but I'm sure you will welcome the friendship of a furred pet (I'd ship you Koda but he's so spoiled you'd ship him back the same day)

funny, we haven't gotten much rain down here; nice warm weather this past few days

sorry Heather's under the weather; there's a lot of that going around it seems; I type medical reports for a living and it seems like every other report is someone coming in with cold, cough, congestion; nasty bugs out there; hope you don't get sick!

are you planning to watch the SuperBowl?

we're rooting for Pittsburgh here

take care of yourself