Thursday, January 1, 2009

The circle of life...

My cousin Rich and his wife Vanessa came by yesterday to tell us that they are going to have another baby. They showed us the ultrasound and said that it is going to be a little girl, born around May 14th and they are going to name her Malia Katherine, they were both very excited.
Today I just stayed in bed because I'm just very sad, it seems like everything makes me cry and I NEVER cry. Now that everybody has left I don't have to hide how I feel and pretend to be strong. I hear that you just have to hurt until it doesn't hurt so much anymore. The doctor gave me some very strong pain pills for Brodie to keep her comfortable but although it is fast growing she doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain and she still very playful so I'm going to save them until she really needs them, the doctor said I will know because she won't even be able to put weight on her foot and she will start panting for no reason. I don't want to mask her pain so that she will hurt herself.

The guy who did my fences came by yesterday to give us an estimate for my deck outside my bedroom door, an awning above my mom's porch and a fence for the front yard, every dog in the neighborhood wants to come and take a dump in my front yard and nobody cleans up after their dog. He's also going to put down concrete around the back so we have a place to put our garbage cans and barbecue so they don't have to be in the driveway. The guy did a really good job on the fence and I know everything else will look great.
Heather came by today and made some chicken breasts stepped with cream cheese, artichoke hearts and roasted peppers with a cilantro cream sauce, scalloped potatoes and asparagus... it was awesome.
My brother David called to see how everything was going and it sounds like they also had a really nice Christmas and New Year's. He spent most of his underneath his car fixing his transmission and replacing his clutch but he's glad to have his truck running again. His daughter Deziree got a job in an Asian market and is going to start next week, this is her first job and she's very excited.


a corgi said...

congrats to your cousin and his wife! the baby's name is very pretty!!

again I'm so sorry about Brodie; I think you have every right to feel sad Tammie; does Brodie know when you are upset? I know Koda knows when I'm upset; she's probably picking up on your sadness; I hope you can find joy in however many days she has left just loving on her and making her as comfortable as you can; it is so hard I would imagine.....

just take care of yourself and Brodie


Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry about Brodie. I'll be thinking of you both.