Saturday, January 24, 2009

Last week...

Stanley and Corinne came down last weekend and Alexia, my cousin's daughter, was here so they have a sleepover here and tried to see who could stay up the longest. Alexia told me that she was going to stay with me for the next couple of days because she knew I would be very sad about Brodie and she did we went and rented a couple of movies. It was really nice because it gave me a chance to really get to know her it is a great girl. Before she left she gave me a hug and told me that she was sorry.
Last Tuesday I decided to go for a long cruise through the lagoon and down past the lighthouse. To get from the lagoon to wear the lighthouse is you have to go on this really narrow winding uphill path. As I was going up the path I looked around the corner and this guy on a bicycle was going way too fast and had to slam on his brakes which made him go sideways and headfirst into the metal handrail, he landed about 2 inches from me. I know that it really hurt him but he was just afraid that he had hit me so when I told him that he didn't I just picked himself up, apologized, got back on his bike and finished his ride. I felt really bad for him because he was definitely hurt but he should not have been going that fast.
On Wednesday it started raining and it really hasn't stopped so needless to say the work around here has temporarily stopped. I hope I get a chance to finish it before Luana's birthday party on the seventh. I'm going to call Melissa is weak to see if she can wash the outside windows and paint them for Valentine's Day.
The seventh is also Linda's birthday party but it is in the evening, I'm really excited to meet Heather and Linda's friends.
Last night I interviewed a lady named Kimberly to help me out evenings and I really liked her. She works in the morning for a gentleman who is a quadriplegic and seems to be very knowledgeable about a lot of things. She is also a massage therapist so I couldn't ask for a better person. She's going to start on Sunday.
Susana, my morning caregiver, has been having a really bad last couple of weeks. She had to take two of her daughters to the emergency and just as they were getting better somebody stole and totaled her vehicle. She hasn't been able to work very much and I feel really bad for her.
Yesterday Aunt Kathy had her Cardiac Ablation operation yesterday and had to spend the night in the hospital but she is on her way home and doing really good. My uncle is going to bring her by to say hello before she goes home and HOPEFULLY rests for a while, it's really hard for my aunt to rest.


Joyce said...

How nice that Alexia spent some time with you. That was really kind of her to think of your sorrow over Brodie. I'm glad the speedy biker got stopped before he slammed into you, but I'm sorry he was hurt. Glad to hear your Aunt Cathy is doing well.
Hugs, Joyce

a corgi said...

what a sweetie Alexia was to know you would need some extra TLC and care with the loss of Brodie; I'm glad she was around to spend some time with

I totally agree; that bike rider needed to slow down

take care of yourself Tammie


Anonymous said...

There should be bike tickets, actually I believe there are, but rarely given. I am glad you are ok.