Monday, February 9, 2009

A great weekend with friends and family...

It seems like I have been having to stay in bed a lot and it really gets frustrating. It seems like my morning caregiver has been going through a lot and I feel really bad for her. Her baby got real sick and they had to take her to emergency and then of course after that one by one her kids have been getting sick, she has four kids. Then her vehicle got stolen and they totaled it and now her mom is sick in the hospital, she fell in the tub and hit her head... I hope everything gets better for her.
I finally got my permanent tooth, at least I hope it is permanent because I hate breaking my teeth.
Melissa came by Wednesday to wash the Windows and paint them for Valentine's Day, they look so cool.
My brother David got here Thursday night and my brother Stanley is going to come down Saturday morning, Saturday was my cousins daughters first birthday, it is so great when family gets together. I think there was about 40 people here and everybody had really good time. They ordered a bounce house and while the guy was setting it up and older lady slammed into the side of his truck, I felt really bad for her but to be honest don't think she should have been driving because she couldn't see very well. After party at my house we went to Harvey West Park for Linda's 50th birthday party, it was really great to it meet Heather and Linda's friends and family.
Stanley, Janet, David and Corinne went home on Sunday afternoon and my younger brother David went home this morning. It makes me feel so good when all our family can get together and we always have such a really good time... unfortunately it goes by way too fast.
David got most of my home automation programs set up, all that he could anyway. He sent a box through UPS and it was supposed to be here on Friday but I guess they took it upon themselves to reschedule it to be delivered today. Teresa call them and told them that David flew down here from Georgia to install a home automation system for his sister who is a quadriplegic and he has to fly home on Monday, of course are very sorry but there was nothing they can do about it and hopefully Teresa got David a refund because it cost him $80 dollars to send it. I need to find an electrician who can come out and switch out the switch plates for the lights on the walls.

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a corgi said...

I liked seeing the pictures of your family and the celebration, Tammie! I'm sure all enjoyed themselves very much! bet your windows look cute with the Valentine theme (think we can see a picture?)

sorry about the hassle with getting that part (or not getting in time for your brother to install it)