Saturday, February 28, 2009

it has been almost a month since I have written anything so I hope I remember how. Most of the reason is because my voice type dictation was not working and it really takes a lot for me to type.

I guess the biggest change is that I am now... or now trying to be a Mac user. I have noticed that PC users are pretty much treated like reformed smokers treat people who still smoke, I don't smoke by the way.

I went to the Apple store in Los Gatos on Tuesday and I was on my way back Thursday to get my files transferred. It was pretty frustrating the first night and a lot of the next day but I think I'm catching on. All in all I really love it.

I had to be without Heather for almost 4 days, she made sure that I had enough food... or an army but I really missed for stopping by everyday just to say hello. The Coconut Grove sent her to Las Vegas to a seminar. By the time she got back home and got back into the groove of everything she came over yesterday for a couple of minutes. She's going to come back this morning and fix a couple of things and then she's going to come back next week to set me up again because she is going to have an operation and she's going to be out of commission for awhile... it looks like it's my turn to feed her and I sure hope that she likes sushi and Mexican food.

My new home automation system is working really good, technology is so awesome when everything is running right and my brother is a genius.

Next month I'm having a baby shower for Vanessa, my cousin's wife. The last party that we had here turned out really good so I know this one will and I hope we have a lot more.

I decided one day to change the drapes in my living room so my mom, my aunt and I took a trip over to bed Bath and beyond and I really like what we got. We went to get some shears because at night you can see everything that goes on in my house but we ended up getting these really nice-looking shades and instead of a valance we decided to get scarves for the top and we kept the side panels that I had and I really love it.

My neighbor and I decided to start cruising down to natural Bridges on her days off so I had my wheelchair adjusted to go faster so that I can keep up with her, she is like a lightning bolt. She jogs for a little bit and then stops to do push-ups and waits for me... I really love doing it and it's great to spend some time with her and get to know her.

I got two new caregivers and I think they're going to work out really well. They are both massage therapists so that is a huge plus. Unfortunately one of them, Kimberly, is going to move in April but it is really great to get to know her. The other one, Sharon, is also really great and is going to take Kimberly's place when she moves... although Kimberly is going to be really hard to replace.

It looks like Patrick is just about done with the landscaping and it is so unbelievably gorgeous, I find myself going outside just to look around the yard a couple of times a day just to see it. I was going to put a little waterfall on my deck but I think now I'm just going to get a bird bath and put it in front of the deck. There's so many beautiful birds around here and I love to watch them play. I have an orange tree, two tangerine trees and the lemon tree.

I think today I'm just going to stay in bed and relax, watch movies and play with my new computer. I haven't been sleeping very good because I'm too excited about trying to figure everything out but I think for the most part I got it.


a corgi said...

glad you are doing well with making the switch over to be a MAC user; I'm not sure if I could be that adventurous! admire you for doing so.

I think it will be fun to plan a baby shower; I know those are always fun to go to

so neat you got some good caregivers! I know that makes a big difference!!

it is beautiful sunny here today; hope it is the same up there!


ocmist said...

Good luck with your new computer... Getting something new is always a challenge, but once you get used to it, you'll probably love the new applications it offers.

My sister just redid her bathroom... It always makes you feel so good when you get a chance to fix something up and make it different and new looking.

Living by the coast sounds heavenly... Have a good week. Linda (OC's Mom)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you have a Heather. We all want a Heather! ;-0
Good that things are going relatively well & beatiful landscaping should be much enjoyed(I say as look out on my weeds).