Sunday, July 16, 2017

I love it when family visits…

Monday was a really awesome day. Karen came in and we did some personal care and of course a nice long bath, I wasn't feeling the greatest because personal care was exhausting and I think I have a UTI… Not good timing. Karen got me up and the Woofpack came to get Robby for their Monday hike. My cousins and my decided to go cruise around downtown, there was such a beautiful day. I haven't been downtown for a while and there were a few new stores, one was a candle making shop and it was awesome! We checked it out and decided to come back another day and make a candle, a lady that worked there gave us a tour and told us how it worked. We cruised around a little more and then came back and visited for a while before we decided to go down to the taqueria and get something to eat, my stomach was still upset and I didn't feel good so I didn't but I love this place. We cruised back and play table tennis for a while and then Debbie had to take Steve and Cameron to the airport, they had to fly home for a while but they're coming back on Friday. Rosa came in and put me to bed and I fell asleep pretty quickly. Debbie and Carmen came in to say good night, it's so nice to have them here.

Tuesday was another great day. Cindy came in and got me up and after I said good morning to my cousins Cindy took me over to Dominican rehab to drop off some tickets for a concert on Friday, the Four Tops and the Temptations that the search of the Mountain Winery. I got them a while back and it's only two tickets and I would rather spend time with my cousin Debbie and her daughter Carmen. A friend of mine works at the Mountain Winery so I gave them to him, I know you will enjoy them. I was going to drop them off with Roger but he wasn't there so we cruised over to the gym to find Karen but of course she wasn't there either so we cruised around for a while and found Karen in the conference room and motioned her out for a second, I bought the tickets because I wasn't going to be able to make the support group the next day because of the low battery on my chair… I'm down to 4 miles a day. I told Karen and she said she would email Numotion and see if she can put a rush on my batteries… They're not bringing them for another week. This is ridiculous! I definitely need to write somebody about this! As I was leaving I ran into Andrei, I haven't seen him for almost a year and it was so great to see him. He was meeting a therapist but he came over to say hello, and just love that guy. I told him in a couple more months was trying to get my new chair and asked him if he would help me and he said yes! We came back home and arrested for a bit and then Debbie, Carmen and I decided to take a cruise over to the Wharf to have lunch and go shopping. On the way over there we looked down the street and saw two dinosaurs walking towards us, to little kids dressed up in the cutest dinosaur customers… They look so adorable! We asked the mom if we could take pictures and she said yes, they both got the biggest smiles and got really close to each other… One of the most adorable things I have ever seen! We cruised through Depot Park and as we were cruising down the wharf I noticed that they had finished our cousin Patrick's memorial bench and put it back, we cruised over to look at it but there was a couple fishing and they thought we wanted to see the fish that he had caught so he opened up his cooler to show us… He was so proud we didn't have the heart to ask him to move his stuff so we could take a picture of the bench, but just around the way back. We cruised down to Gildas, that was our grandpa's favorite place to go. I got calamari and eggs, Debbie got this killer looking pesto vegetable pasta and Carmen got pancakes… Everybody was happy with their choice and it was delicious! We cruised down to the end of the wharf and decided to get every store on the way back, we all love shopping. I waited outside one of the stores and a couple of the guys from wharf maintenance came over to say hello, Brett asked me if I saw Patrick's bench… He is the one who redid it. I told him I did and how beautiful it was, he did such a great job. We hit a couple more stores and then cruised home. On the way home, we remembered it was 7/11 which meant free slurries to everyone at 7-11 so we cruised over and Debbie and Carmen got one. While I was waiting for them outside I ran into a lady that I met a couple months earlier downtown, she has a dog named Snickerdoodle that looks almost identical to Robby, she ran across the street to say hello… She was so sweet! We came home and rested for a bit and then Rosa came in to put me to bed. We hung out and watch the movie boss baby because it looked cute, it was definitely not a kids movie but it was funny. We said good night and I fell asleep pretty quickly. What a great day! I saw this commercial for an app called Grammarly on TV and it looks pretty cool so I downloaded it and I love it, it fixes all of your grammar mistakes.

Wednesday was another awesome day! Karen came in and got me up and I cruised downtown with Robby to turn in some paperwork that I got in the mail. I decided to cruise over to the wharf just because I love seeing the ocean and on the way back I noticed my chair was down to three red flashing bars, I hope I make it back but luckily if I don't Debbie is there to rescue me… I wonder if she gets tired of rescuing me? I know it sure is nice having her and her daughter Carmen around. I church my chair for a couple of hours while they cruised over to the homeless garden project and over to the boardwalk.  On the way back we stopped and got some tacos, I think I found somebody who likes tacos as much as I. When they came back we chatted for a while and then decided to go downtown to the farmers market, we all love the farmers market! Of course, we bought more food than we could possibly eat and had a great time. We cruised back and hung out on the back porch for a while until Rosa came into put me to bed. Debbie had a headache so she went to lay down and Carmen and I watched a movie called the air up there, I feel bad because I fell to sleep but Carmen was okay with hanging out with Robby.

 Thursday was another awesome day, pretty busy. Karen came in and got me up and while Kent was giving Robby a bath I cruised over to the wharf and back real quick before my appointment downtown with my psychologist. I ran into Omar working on the wharf but I didn't talk to him or anything just waved as we went by. I cruise downtown, I didn't want to be late so I thought I would try cruising down Chestnut Street and that was a mistake because the sidewalks are really thin and in a lot of places there are bushes growing on one side and driveways on the other so it was kind of a bumpy ride in my hand kept slipping off of the joystick… I hope nobody saw me. My appointment with Carol went by really fast and I came home to rest for a bit. Debbie drove me over to new leaf market and we were going to stop at Safeway but didn't have enough time before my next appointment with Jennifer at simply skin, hopefully, I can pick up my prescription tomorrow. It really sucks not being able to go more than 4 miles in my chair. Debbie and Carmen dropped me off and then came back in an hour to pick me up. Last time we went downtown we saw this place called glow where you make your own candles and it looked pretty cool so we decided to go down and make a couple, Debbie and Carmen made candles while I watched. It was a pretty cool process and I can't wait to see how they turn out. We came back home and chatted for a while before Rosa came into put me to bed. Debbie grilled some vegetables on the barbecue, they were really good. While we were at new leaf market I got a lemon rotisserie chicken, Debbie and Carmen are trying out vegan life right now. We ended up watching lip-synch battle until about 1 o'clock in the morning, Carmen and I did… Debbie went to bed because she was exhausted.

Friday was another awesome day! Karen came in and we did some personal care and a nice relaxing bath. After Karen got me up I took Robby for a cruise down to the wharf and back and then Debbie, Carmen and I cruised downtown to go see Superman Homeagain, it was an awesome movie. While I was in the theater I got a text from Hannah, everybody went up to her wedding in Oregon and after the wedding, they came here to honeymoon in Monterey. She was going to have dinner at Laili's, a Mediterranean restaurant here in Santa Cruz and she wanted to come by and say hello to Robby. Also, Trish texted me to see how I wanted to go to the concert tonight on the beach with her, tonight is blue oyster cult. After the movie, we headed home so I could charge my chair for a couple of hours before the concert. We got to visit for a while before Hannah and her new husband came, it was a nice visit. Debbie left for the airport to get Steve, her husband, and Cameron, her son and I left to meet Trish for the concert. The concert was really awesome! We got there late and we were in front of the stage but behind some people, one of the guys turned around and saw me and moved aside so I could sit up front… So sweet! I always feel bad because I know that he has probably been standing there for a couple of hours to get a good spot and I hate for him to give it up for me, but everyone around chimed in and insisted… What a great feeling! Watching the people there is almost as fun as watching the concert! Trish and I headed home and Teresa put me to bed and got me something to eat. Steve, Debbie, Cameron, and Carmen came in to visit for a while and then everybody went to bed. Such a great week!

 Saturday Cindy came in and got me up.  It was going to be a really exciting day but my chair didn't get plugged in and charged, we were going to take the train from the boardwalk to the train station next to Henry Cowell Redwoods but that was out so we decided to go down Westcliff Drive to Natural Bridges Beach, it wasn't really warm day and was a nice cool breeze there. By the time we went out to lunch and got down to the beach it seemed like it was time to turn around and come back to wait for Robby, he was on his puppy play date today. We came back to let Robby in and went back down Westcliff Drive to the lighthouse Museum and wandered around there for a while. I wasn't feeling really good and it was so frustrating, I not only have a really bad UTI but a big knot on the back of my neck by my shoulder that acts up when there's a breeze or it's cold out. Unfortunately, the day went by way too fast and we needed to get to the store and get something for dinner and head home. We got to the store and Cameron wasn't feeling well and wanted to wait outside in the fresh air, he is highly allergic to animals and is generally okay with Robby, Penny, and Sweet Pea… It's really a miracle and awesome, but probably he was affected because Robby came back after playing with a bunch of other dogs. We headed home and Teresa was there to put me to bed and then we all ate dinner, it was awesome!  Steve barbecued steaks, bratwurst, zucchini, sweet onions, potatoes… We still had fun hanging out together, these guys are so awesome! Everybody was tired and unfortunately, they were leaving early in the morning so we all went to sleep.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. Cindy wasn't feeling well so her sister messaged me and said she wasn't going to come in so I texted Karen and she came in to save the day. My cousin and her family left to go home and we decided to do some personal care and bath and get it out of the way so we don't have to do it tomorrow morning, by the time I would've gotten up it would've been really hot so I decided to go back to bed and just relax and enjoy a day off. My aunt came over with the little girls to introduce them to my cousin and family, they will have to meet them next time. I spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching catfish the series. Theresa came in and got me something to eat and then went home where her family was waiting for her, it sounds like she has a really awesome family. I listen to music for a while and then my mom, Stanley, and Janet came back from Oregon… They flew in. Stanley and Janet couldn't wait to get home so they left.

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That candle making shop sounds interesting! It would be fun to make a candle there. Blue Oyster Cult would be a great concert too to go to!