Sunday, June 4, 2017

Staying in bed and healing…

 Monday was another long boring day in bed, It was Memorial day and I knew it was going to be crazy crowded so I didn't mind too much. Cindy came in and we cleaned up a couple more things and she put me on my side for the day, this is getting really old already but I just keep telling myself by the time I can get up again the weather is going to be beautiful outside. Theresa came in early so we could do some personal care and a nice long hot bath, that always makes me feel better. I asked her how the concert was and she said she didn't go, she was busy. I told her I wish he had told me so I could find somebody to enjoy the concert, I have a friend that works there and he posted on Facebook that it was an awesome concert. She texted me the afternoon before and I should've asked her, I thought about it but I think I was afraid to… I'm really bummed about that. I watched a movie called a family man and it was pretty good, really good story.

Tuesday was more of the same, I can't wait to get out of here and of course the weather is gorgeous outside. Cindy came in and we cleaned up and organized a few more areas in my room. When I get bored and hungry I print things out on the computer so there was a big stack of papers to go through in the printer, mostly recipes. She put me on my side and left for the day. I tried to watch a movie called hidden figures but I just couldn't get into it so I just watched TiVo and played a lot of games online, words with friends, solitaire and Yatzee… If I have to stay in bed I at least want to keep my mind as sharp as I can and I heard that playing a lot of games will do that. My aunt brought over some squash blossoms, I heard if you stuff them with cheese and fry them there really good and I've been wanting to try them. My mom agreed to give it a try and they were actually really good, she also tried them and my aunt and uncle came over and try them. Rosa came in and I really wasn't feeling very good, I felt really bloated and miserable. She bought me some enchiladas and rice that she made, it was really really good but I just wasn't feeling it. I took some gas pills and some medical chocolate and she gave me a nice massage and I felt better, Rosa always knows what to do and it such a comfort to have her around. She set me up and I was so exhausted from everything that I fell right to sleep.

Wednesday was such a great day! The first time up and out after four days stuck in bed and it's a beautiful day. Cindy came in and got me up and Robby and I took off for a really really long cruise. We cruised through the lagoon, through Bay St., Park, down Westcliff Drive, down to the end of the wharf and back and then down to the end of the boardwalk and back… It just felt so awesome to be up and cruising around. I took a bunch of pictures of the boardwalks new entrants, it looks really great! Unfortunately my battery was dying so we cruised back home and just found out in the driveway for a while, anything just to be out in the sun. I was going through my phone and I noticed that I have a ton of pictures, over a thousand, so I thought maybe I would delete them and have more room. Not knowing that I just deleted all of the pictures, even the ones I took that day on Google glass… It don't know me just as I deleted them that that might have happened. Rosa came in and fed Robby and put me to bed and we did some personal care and a nice long hot bath. After we did the personal-care I feel really dizzy and I had a stomach ache so I have Rosa take my blood pressure and it was low, I don't know why I bother taking it because I don't know what to do… I know, I'll look it up on the Internet. I went and took a bath anyways thinking it would make me feel better. It could also be the fact that I had a piece of medical chocolate on an empty stomach? As soon as I got back in bed I checked my Google account online and sure enough I deleted all of the pictures, nothing I can do about it now. I watched TV until I fell asleep I did get to talk to Rafael, the groundskeeper/parks and rec guy from Depot Park, he always makes me smile and puts me in a good mood.

Thursday was another great day. No more damage was done to my pressure sore from getting up so I'm on my way back to a healthy butt, I can't wait to be able to start using my FES cycle.  Bailey's grooming service came and got Robby for his biweekly bath. I was running late so I left Robby here with Cindy to get ready while I cruise downtown for my appointment with Carol, my psychologist. I have a bunch of goals that I was supposed to work on during the week and I think I did pretty good. I was going to go cruise down and take some more pictures of the boardwalk entrance before I went home but then I remembered that I'm only getting about 6 miles from the battery on my chair so I have to strategically plan out my route because I have one more appointment down on Soquel Avenue with Jennifer. I came back home and got Robby and headed over to the wharf and then down to the boardwalk, and really going to try to not delete all of my pictures today. The weather was so beautiful and everybody was so happy and friendly, I just love this atmosphere. I'm getting to know some of the people that work on the wharf, on the boardwalk and at Parks and Recreation and of course everybody knows and remembers Robby. It's just such a nice thing to cruise around and just say hello to everybody… I just love living here! There's a gentleman that I run into almost every time that I'm out, Russell, his dogs name is Sparky and he is the most adorable dog. He told me that they blew up his picture and put it behind the counter by the menu at one of the restaurants at the end of the wharf, I didn't see it and the guy finally pointed it out so I took a picture of him and his dog in front of the picture of his stone but you can't see the picture behind them very well. He is such a nice man! I decided at the last minute to bring Robby home and cruise down to get my facial by myself, it was way too hot and Robby is supposed to take shorter walks. I cruised down for my appointment with Jennifer, I always feel so claim and my face feels great after I see her. She is super sweet and really knows what she's doing. I had my mom coming get me because I didn't want my battery to die in this heat. Rose came in and put me to bed, my mom sautéed a bunch of vegetables from my aunts garden so I had that for dinner… There is nothing like fresh vegetables from the garden. I think I was asleep or almost there when Rosa left.

Friday was another excellent day! Cindy came in and got me up and Robby and I took off for cruise, it's so nice to be out and about again. We closed over to the wharf and down to the end and back, down to the end of the boardwalk and back and then over to the wharf again before heading home. I wanted to cruise down Westcliff Drive but I think it's better if I wait until I don't have Robby with me and maybe even after I get my new batteries, 6 miles just isn't that long.  I was cruising back through Depot Park when I saw Tim, one of the guys that please wheelchair table tennis with the group. He asked me if they had had a session today and I told him that I didn't know, I told him Cindy said she would be back on the seventh and I wasn't sure if they were playing without her or not. We cruised home and Robby and I hung out in the driveway for a while, I just can't get enough of these beautiful days. Theresa came in and put me to bed and I fell asleep after watching TV for a while. At some point my brother Stanley, his wife Janet and my cousin Kelly came in.

Saturday was another awesome day. Cindy came in and fed Robby and I and got me up for the day. Kelly came in to say hello since I missed her last night. Stanley came in and said hello and took off to Uber for a while. Cindy got me up and Janet was still asleep and Kelly was visiting across the street. I'm really starting to enjoy cruising around by myself while Robby is at his Saturday Woofpack play dates. I cruised through the lagoon, Bay St., Park, down Westcliff a little bit, down to the end of the work and back and over to take more pictures of the new entrance at the boardwalk. I cruised back home and Theresa came in and put me to bed and we did some personal care and a nice long hot bath. Stanley and Janet barbecued some steaks, baked potatoes and artichokes for dinner… It was awesome! My uncle and aunt came over from across the street and after dinner we played cribbage, my uncle was my partner and we killed! We doubled our money. I stayed up and talked to Kelly for a while before I went to sleep.

Sunday was another really awesome day. Cindy came in and got me up and Stanley made this really killer breakfast, he made hash with the leftover stakes, baked potatoes and cheese and French toast. I just love my brothers breakfasts. Kelly took off for Monterey to spend the day with her friend Ursula and Stanley washed close while Janet and I took off for a cruise through Depot Park, down to the end of the wharf and back and down to the boardwalk so she could see the new additions. We cruised back and I took off for downtown to check out the gay pride after party, I always love the routines they have on stage. I got a place at first where I could see but it got to be really hot so I had to move over to the shade and I really couldn't see a thing. Claudia, my neighbor, came over to say hello and we talked for a little bit. It was finally so hot that I just had to leave and come home. Theresa came in and put me to bed, Janet made a taco salad and again my uncle and aunt came over and we ate and then played cribbage. My uncle wasn't feeling good, his back was hurting, so he went back across the street to sit in his massage chair… He overdid it today mowing the lawns on the triplex and doing the yard work. Kelly came back and finished playing for my uncle and everybody was getting really tired so we quite and I listen to music for a while before I fell asleep.

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betty said...

That was interesting with the squash blossoms. I hadn't heard how they could have been cooked before. Does sound tasty! Great pictures of such a pretty place where you live!